Which Battery Packs For iPhone 6 Are Right For You?


There are many battery packs for iPhone 6 on the market. Some of the most popular brands include Alpatronix, Trianium, and Incipio’s offGRID Pro. Read on to learn more about each brand and the benefits they offer. I’ll also discuss how to find the best battery pack for iPhone 6 for your needs. And don’t forget to compare prices and read reviews to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.


Alpatronix is a brand that makes several cell phone accessories, including battery cases and battery packs. The company’s battery cases are very helpful, because they can charge the iPhone up to half a time and act as power banks. Besides, they come in a variety of colors and can double up as protective cases as well. This company also sells other products like wireless chargers and portable bluetooth speakers.

Alpatronix offers the best battery case for your iPhone. This case offers a 12 months warranty, so if you decide that the battery case is not working, the company will replace it or refund your money. Moreover, the battery case supports wireless charging and Apple CarPlay. In short, it’s a must-have if you travel often. So, what are you waiting for? Order the battery case now!

The battery case is easy to install and remove. It fits snugly on your iPhone 6s. The eight-volt battery is 200% larger than the stock battery, allowing you to enjoy up to 17 hours of talk time. With that extra capacity, you can also enjoy 60 hours of music playback, 13 hours of video, and three hours of 3D games. With Alpatronix battery packs for iPhone 6, you can enjoy more talk time and more.


Despite its slim size, Zendure battery packs for iPhone 6 are designed to work with Apple’s latest handsets. The Zendure A2 power bank is one such example. Its rugged, crush-proof design features dual USB ports for charging the phone and another device at the same time. It also boasts a massive 15000 mAh capacity. It can charge the iPhone 6 more than six times, although it requires some patience to fully recharge.

As for the quality of Zendure battery packs for iPhone 6, their power cells are of the highest caliber. Unlike the standard Li-ion battery, the power cells used by Zendure are smaller and have a longer lifespan. The batteries retain almost 95 percent of their original power even after six months of idle use. They are also crushproof, meaning they are safe to throw into a carry-on bag.

The Zendure A2 is the most advanced portable charger. It offers pass-through charging and a 2.1 Amp charging speed. It also features built-in protection. It comes with a protective cloth pouch and a USB cable. This high-quality power bank will last for many days. So, if you need to charge your iPhone on the go, invest in a Zendure A2 power bank.


Trianium has created a series of innovative iPhone battery packs that offer extended usage of your iPhone. These battery packs are compatible with the iPhone 6S Plus and boast a number of features including pass through syncing and LED power level indicators. They also provide a softer side and easy access to all iPhone buttons. The Trianium Atomic S iPhone Charger is the most recent addition to the Trianium range of phone batteries.

The battery cases themselves are very convenient to use and are also protected by an Oval cutout on the back. This opening serves to highlight the thickness of the Trianium battery case, allowing the camera to function properly. The battery case is easy to install, weighing only 6.1 ounces. The iPhone 6 is a thin and light smartphone, so the battery packs aren’t very bulky or difficult to use.

While Trianium battery packs for iPhone 6 are small, they still offer the power of a mini power bank. ZeroLemon’s Trianium iPhone battery case is small and lightweight while packing a 4,000-mAh power capacity. The power capacity includes capacity lost during charging. This means that even if you’re using your iPhone all day, it won’t run out of power. If you need to use your iPhone more than once in a day, a battery case may be the best solution.

Incipio’s offGRID Pro

Incipio’s offGRID pro battery packs for iPhone 6 come in two different styles, with a choice of battery weight and size. Each battery has 1600mAh of juice. When compared to the 1420mAh battery in the iPhone 4s, this pack only recharged it to 70 percent. That means it’ll take you four hours to get your handset back to full charge.

The offGRID Pro battery case features a built-in bumper, which offers half-millimeter anti-drop protection for the iPhone screen. It snaps securely in place via a 30 pin connector. The case’s polycarbonate bumper snaps around the phone’s entire perimeter for added protection. It also makes it easy to replace the battery without having to undo any of its protective layers.

A case designed to protect your phone is another way to extend the life of the phone. The offGRID Express case from Incipio packs a 3000mAh battery that can recharge a spent iPhone six. This protective case snaps around the iPhone 6 while still preserving its slim profile. The case fits easily into jeans pockets, and its rounded corners make it comfortable to hold.

Just Mobile’s Gum++

If you’re constantly on the go, you’ll want to invest in a backup battery pack that will last you for a long time. Just Mobile’s Gum++ has an 11,200mAh capacity and is rechargeable via USB. Just like the Gum+, the Gum++ is compact and easy to carry. But unlike the Gum+, it doesn’t charge as fast as its competition. This means that you may not be able to use it as long as you’d like to.

Just Mobile’s Gum++ battery packs are designed to fit inside the pocket of your iPhone 6. They’re ultra-compact, weighing only 273 grams (9.7 oz). The Gum Max’s sleek shell makes it easy to slip in and out of your pants pocket. The battery is smaller than a standard Altoids tin and is Apple-certified. Just Mobile recommends charging your Gum Max once a month for optimum performance.

The Gum++ has a 2.5A micro-USB charging output, making it easy to charge your iPhone. The internal battery is rechargeable, and the pack’s green LED indicators indicate that it is charging. Even though the Gum++ is small, it has a larger capacity than most competitors. While the internal battery is small, it can still store enough power to keep your phone running for hours.


If you’re looking for a quality iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 battery pack, you’ve come to the right place. LANLUK offers a line of high-quality battery packs and accessories, including iPhone 6s / iPhone 6 cases, phone battery chargers, and more. These products are made from premium polymer batteries and are housed in a fire-proof plastic case. Each LANLUK product has smart chips and a 360-degree protection zone. Combined with the battery pack, the case protects the phone from overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting.

With a 6000mAh lithium-polymer battery cell, the LanLuk Extended Battery Case gives you twice the life of your iPhone. This battery case doubles the battery life of your iPhone, and it can last as long as 150% longer than a standard iPhone. Whether you’re traveling, playing mobile games, or on a business trip, this phone battery case will keep you going. It’s also compatible with most smart devices.

When shopping for a Lanluk iPhone 6 battery pack, make sure to look for the right size for your phone. Make sure you choose a high-quality product with a long warranty. You’ll be happy you spent a little more money if the quality of the product is top-notch. You’ll be rewarded with increased speed, better accuracy, and an incredible view! Prices for iPhone 6 battery packs vary widely, but the average price range is $$$$.


The Spigen Volt Pack is a thin, sleek battery case with a built-in power bank for the iPhone 6S that delivers 150% more battery life. This case fits perfectly into your pocket and has edge-to-edge protection. The battery pack also features enhanced forward-ported acoustics to improve the quality of sound while playing music or watching videos. It is currently available for the iPhone 6s Plus.

Unlike other battery packs, the Spigen Volt Pack protects the screen of your iPhone 6S when it’s laid face down. Its 0.3mm lip protects the screen from getting scratched when placed on a flat surface. It also comes with four LEDs that indicate the remaining battery life and charging time. If you’re concerned about dropping the phone, you can use the Spigen Volt Pack to charge it while you’re on the go.

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