What should you know about Domo pricing?


If you want to implement Domo in your business, you’ll need to know about its pricing structure. Domo offers a wide range of plans, each with features that will help improve your company’s workflow. Although companies specializing in the world of Domo will provide you with information on Domo pricing, these are some things you should know regarding the topic.

How does Domo pricing work?

Domo software pricing depends on two primary factors: the annual software subscription’s cost and the cost it takes to implement it—that is to say the number of features you want to use, the number of users you want to include, and the amount of cloud storage you need. This means that Domo pricing is variable and unstandardized (hard to nail down without a consultation), but it also means that Domo is extremely customizable and scalable to the size of your business. While secondary usage factors vary, the actual subscription is tiered into three versions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. In 2023, subscriptions cost approximately $83, $160, and $190 per month, respectively.

However, just like every other SaaS software, the subscription pricing depends on what you are looking for and various related factors. So, in addition to previously mentioned factors like the number of users, the number of connectors required, and the amount of data you will be using for a year, you’ll need to consider other factors, such as multi-year agreements, support packages and add-ons like external/embedded analytics, Dev instance, and data science.

If your business is small or medium sized and you are looking for full-featured analytics/Business Intelligence, you may be looking at between 30,000 USD and 75,000 USD per year. However, enterprise-level organizations will likely need subscriptions in the range of 50,000 USD to 75,000 USD.

Does Domo offer a free trial?

Good news! Domo does offer a free trial, so you can try on all the benefits of cloud-based business intelligence without paying a dime. With this free trial, you can invite up to five users into your account, and you’ll have access to their entire product suite including all features (except for video calling) without restrictions. If you don’t subscribe after the trial ends, any data gathered during that time will remain in your account forever—so don’t worry about losing any vital information if you end up not liking Domo as much as expected!

How to know the exact price of Domo?

To know the exact price of Domo, you should consider contacting a company specializing in Domo software, its policies, etc. These companies also help you with its implementation, offering services such as gathering required documents, architecture, ETL, and ensuring you receive necessary content like KPIs, reports, and data analytics.

Domo is a unique tool that provides a lot of value for businesses, and since they offer a free trial, you can see if it is right for your business, risk-free.

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