Spotify’s New Lossless Tier Coming Later This Year


Spotify is set to announce a new lossless tier soon. While we don’t know how much the new tier will cost or what it will include, we do know a little more about what we can expect from this new version of the music service.

Lossless streaming

Spotify will launch a new high-end streaming tier in the near future. It’s called “Spotify HiFi.” This tier will deliver music in a CD-quality audio format. That’s a lot better than the current 320kbps standard audio that’s available on the service.

The service is expected to roll out later this year in select markets, though it hasn’t been confirmed what the new tier will cost. It’s not hard to imagine that the price will range from $20 to $30 a month. But since competing services like Apple Music offer high-fidelity streaming at no additional charge, it seems like a poor move on Spotify’s part.

While it’s unclear if this new tier will be accompanied by a free trial, if it does, it’s possible that the trial will be restricted to users who’ve upgraded from the regular Premium tier. If so, it could also mean that users who upgrade to this new tier will get a headphone tuner, which will be great for those who want to listen to songs on headphones.

Lossless streaming has been a hotly debated topic. Some have claimed that it’s better than the standard version, while others say that it’s inferior. Still, there’s no doubt that the best possible sound quality is something that a lot of fans are looking for. In fact, Spotify claims it offers a better audio experience than its rivals.

Aside from delivering a higher quality listening experience, lossless formats have other advantages. They’re more detailed and they can reveal more information about a song. And they can sound wider and more immersive.

Of course, you’re going to have to get a device that can support the lossless formats. Bluetooth, for instance, cannot deliver true lossless. Luckily, Spotify has partnered with some of the world’s biggest speakers manufacturers. Those companies are working on ensuring that their products will be able to take advantage of the new tier.

However, there is one major issue with this: you’re likely to need to use headphones that can handle the higher-quality sound. You’ll also have to get a Bluetooth speaker that supports the right protocols.

Spatial audio tracks

If you’re an avid music fan, you may have heard that Spotify is releasing an enhanced audio experience. In addition to streaming the standard MP3, you’ll get high-resolution spatial audio. And while this new feature isn’t available to all users, it’s a nice touch for those who own a Mac or PC. But if you’re not a Mac owner, you’ll still be able to enjoy the audio in lossy form.

However, it seems like this feature is not quite ready for prime time yet. Spotify’s community forums are still littered with complaints, and the company hasn’t offered any concrete timelines for when the feature is going to be available. It’s also unclear if the company has any other plans for this enhancement.

As it turns out, there are many other competitors to Spotify’s HiFi feature. For example, Amazon and Tidal each offer their own hi-res streams, and Qobuz is even claiming to offer the world’s largest catalogue of CD-quality lossless albums. Interestingly, these rivals aren’t charging extra for their high-quality offerings.

While most of us aren’t paying a penny to enjoy Spotify’s new spatial audio offerings, the company has shown that they have an interest in making music better. That’s why it’s no surprise that they’ve been touting their new High-quality music streaming features for more than a year. They also haven’t said how much of their massive catalogue they’ll share with their rivals. Hopefully, this won’t be the last we see of the feature, though.

The company hasn’t nailed down its HiFi feature yet, but it’s likely that it’s coming soon. We’ve also learned that the most expensive tier of the company’s upcoming service, Platinum, will include a feature that’s a bit more subtle. This includes a headphone tuner. Though it might be small and tame compared to some of the new features that’ll be introduced, it will certainly be an interesting addition.

So what are the features that will be coming to the new tier? Unfortunately, we can’t yet tell for sure, but we’re guessing that we’ll see something along the lines of the Sony 360 Reality Audio.

New interface graphics and settings

Spotify is set to launch a new lossless streaming tier later this year. This means that Premium users will be able to upgrade to CD quality sound. But the feature will cost more than the usual Premium subscription.

Lossless streaming has been a hot topic amongst audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Currently, Spotify’s maximum streaming quality is 320kbps. It has also done small tests of higher-quality streaming in the past.

The service has been in constant contact with various music labels, but has been slow to reveal technical details of its new high-resolution streams. Some of its rivals, such as Amazon Music HD and Tidal, offer lossless streaming.

Although not yet available, Spotify HiFi is expected to launch sometime in 2021. According to reports, the service will allow Spotify Premium subscribers to listen to lossless music in CD quality.

Previously, it was believed that the service would cost between $15 and $20 per month. However, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently hinted that the service could be delayed. During a conference call with investors, Ek did not provide specifics about the HiFi tier.

A Reddit user posted a leaked video of the lossless tier. He claimed that he had access to the menu before it was launched.

However, Spotify has been a little quiet about HiFi since the Stream On event in February. Spotify executives spoke to investors on Wednesday, but gave little information about the HiFi subscription tier.

Spotify hasn’t provided any specifics about what the feature will entail, but it’s expected to include a Headphone Tuner. This feature will allow users to tune their headphones without having to switch on a separate device. Bluetooth speakers that support the right protocols will also be required.

While there’s no firm pricing plan for the new tier, the company plans to make it available to its premium subscribers in select markets. Depending on where you live, the tier might cost more than your regular Spotify subscription.

Spotify is known for its innovative content and recommendation algorithm. That’s why it’s no surprise that it’s constantly trying to test new features.


Spotify’s upcoming HiFi audio streaming tier will allow users to listen to music in CD quality sound. This new tier will be available to Premium subscribers. The company plans to launch the tier in certain markets later this year.

Currently, Spotify tops out at 320kbps. Lossless formats can offer more data, allowing songs to sound wider and deeper. Depending on headphones and speakers, these types of audio formats can give more sonic detail to your listening experience. Other music streaming services, such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal, offer lossless audio at no additional cost.

Spotify will also launch a Platinum plan for higher-quality music streaming. In addition to providing lossless audio, this tier could include features like audio insights and a headphone tuner utility. However, the price of the new tier will depend on Spotify’s pricing strategy.

Originally, Spotify was slated to introduce the HiFi tier for an additional subscription fee. This new plan was expected to be a competitive alternative to other high-quality audio streaming tiers. But it was delayed reportedly due to licensing issues.

While Spotify did not say when the service will arrive, the company did note that discussions with music labels were ongoing. It is expected to launch the HiFi tier in several markets at different times. Those markets will be chosen based on the company’s market share. Typically, new features are rolled out in US and Europe first.

Users are frustrated with the HiFi streaming tier’s delay. Some have urged Spotify to release a free trial. Others claim that the service should be more expensive than its rivals.

If Spotify decides to charge for the new tier, users may not be willing to pay the extra money. But given how much competitors offer lossless audio at no extra cost, charging for this tier seems to be a bad move.

While it is unlikely that Spotify will make a public announcement regarding its pricing strategy, it’s likely that the company will re-think its strategy after taking into account the position of its competitors. Until then, there is no need to panic about the future of the service.

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