Spotify to Launch a Lossless Tier Next Year


The streaming service is planning to launch a lossless tier, and it’s likely that a free trial will be available, according to the company. In this article we’ll take a look at what we can expect from the new tier, and give you a peek at some of the technical details.

Amazon revises pricing for Spotify HiFi

If you haven’t heard, Spotify is releasing a high-resolution lossless tier in the near future. In fact, this tier was first mentioned last year. It’s a new subscription tier that will allow you to listen to Spotify streams at up to 1411kbps, which is more than the 320kbps Premium tier allows. However, Spotify has yet to announce whether it will support immersive audio streams, such as Dolby Atmos.

According to Spotify, high-resolution streaming is one of the most requested features. The company announced the feature nearly a year ago, and plans to launch it by 2021. But rumors have been swirling about the launch, and its cost.

While the feature is still in the works, Spotify has already signed on several top podcast talent to help promote the new feature. Those who want to take advantage of the new tier will be able to do so through the Spotify Connect feature. This feature allows users to listen to Spotify streams wirelessly.

Although Spotify hasn’t revealed any details on how the higher-quality streaming tier will work, it has confirmed it will be compatible with Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. In other words, it could be a selling point for audiophiles.

While Spotify hasn’t officially rolled out the feature in any markets, it’s expected to launch it in select regions later this year. It’s also likely that it will offer a free trial to new users.

When asked how much the high-resolution tier will cost, a spokesperson from the company didn’t have a lot to say. They noted that discussions with music labels and speaker manufacturers were ongoing, but didn’t give a specific price.

Until the company announces a formal price, you can try out the feature for a free month through Spotify Premium. You’ll be able to record a podcast and upload it through an in-app audio recorder.

Despite announcing the tier last February, Spotify has yet to provide any pricing details. And the HiFi tier isn’t due to hit the market until October or November of next year.

Spotify has a chance to beat Apple Music by launching a feature that offers CD-quality lossless audio. So, it’s important that they get it right.

Spotify’s plans for spatial audio

Spotify plans to offer a new spatial audio tier in the next year, but it’s unclear when that will happen. The company has previously said that the feature is in development, but hasn’t given an exact launch date.

While it’s not clear when or how the feature will arrive, it seems like the service is close to launching the tier. It’s been mentioned in a recent survey and is included in a questionnaire that asks users if they would return to the service in the next 30 days.

Spotify’s HiFi tier will offer CD-quality lossless audio. However, it’s not clear how much music it will offer for an average Spotify subscriber.

While Spotify doesn’t have an exact launch date, the company does plan to roll out the feature to select markets later this year. At the same time, it’s not announcing how much it will charge to access the service.

The HiFi tier, which will also include a lossless audio option, will be part of the Platinum plan. The subscription includes ad-free, unlimited streaming, limited-ad podcasts, Library Pro, Playlist Pro, Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, and more.

Apple and Amazon have both announced that they will offer high-res and lossless streaming features in the near future. Amazon charges $7.99 for Prime subscribers, while Apple will offer Lossless Audio to all users for $10 a month.

Spotify, however, hasn’t announced a pricing structure for its HiFi tier yet. Several reports indicate that the service will cost $20 a month, but this isn’t entirely clear.

As a result, Spotify’s HiFi will compete with Tidal. Previously, Tidal has offered both Dolby Atmos and lossless audio.

Although there are no official details on what the new streaming tier will offer, the company has promised to add more tracks to the service regularly. Moreover, it’s working with the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers to ensure that the service’s HiFi feature will be compatible with most devices.

While Spotify hasn’t announced a specific launch date for the HiFi tier, it has promised a similar HiFi feature for its premium subscribers. If it does, expect a release in the next few months.

Technical details of the higher-quality streams

The launch of Spotify’s lossless tier has been a long time coming. While no exact date has been revealed, we do know that the tier will start out at CD quality. This means the streaming quality will be up to 24 bits at 48 kHz. It will also include a ‘lossless’ stream option.

Spotify isn’t alone in offering higher fidelity streaming. Other services like Qobuz and Tidal have offered 9216 kbps streams. Whether the HiFi tier will provide that level of quality is yet to be confirmed.

However, it’s worth noting that Spotify is working with many of the largest speaker manufacturers to ensure its service is available on a wide variety of devices. In addition, Spotify Connect eliminates the need for Bluetooth pairing.

With a little luck, we might see Spotify release its HiFi service for free in time for the New Year. At the very least, we can expect the Platinum tier to include this feature.

Earlier this year, we learned that Spotify is working on a new tier of streaming. This tier will be called the “HiFi” tier and it will be a significant step up from the Very High tier.

When the news broke about the HiFi tier, a lot of people had questions. But the executives at the company have been rather quiet about the matter. That’s because the company is still in licensing negotiations with music labels.

In February, Spotify announced that it was developing a service tier to support lossless streaming. It would cost $5 to $10 per month. Depending on your device, it might be a good idea to upgrade to the Premium plan, which already includes high-quality stream options.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but streaming services generally have to charge more for lossless tiers. This is due to the fact that it requires more computing power and data consumption. For that reason, Spotify has not released any technical details of the higher-quality streams that are expected to come with the HiFi tier.

We’re still not sure exactly when it will launch, but we think the service will be available sometime in 2021.

A free trial is on the cards

If you are a fan of lossless audio, you probably heard about Spotify’s lossless tier. The service will let you download high-quality music to your computer or streaming device and listen to it when you want.

It is not yet clear when this tier will launch. However, it is expected to come in the form of a free trial. During this time, you will be able to listen to your music without affecting your data plan.

Spotify will join the list of streaming services that offer a high-resolution tier. Services like Tidal and Amazon Music have made the quality of their streams more accessible.

However, there are still some issues to be addressed. First, how will Spotify’s new feature fit into the company’s existing premium subscription? Second, will consumers be able to use the service around the world? Third, what will the pricing be?

While Spotify has not officially announced a pricing plan, the rumored cost of the tier ranges from $10 to $20 a month. There is also a one-month free trial available.

This tier is expected to offer a variety of benefits. For example, users will receive a Headphone Tuner utility and Audio Insights. Those who sign up for the Platinum plan will enjoy Studio Sound, Playlist Pro, and Library Pro.

However, the company has not yet confirmed whether the tier will offer CD-quality streams. Some consumers believe that the lack of a lossless option has been a deterrent for their usage.

A free trial of the Spotify HiFi tier is likely to be offered to new users. However, there are no concrete plans to make it available for existing Premium subscribers.

Although it has been a while since the company announced its plans to offer a higher-end tier, it did mention that they were in discussions with music labels. Considering that the company has already launched a new app for the Apple TV, there is a good chance that they will offer the service on a wider scale in the future.

As far as availability goes, it is likely that the tier will be available in select markets later this year. It will likely be available over Spotify Connect.

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