Spotify to Introduce a HiFi Streaming Tier Later This Year


If you’re planning to upgrade your Spotify account to the HiFi streaming tier, it might be worthwhile to know that this is not a free option. In fact, a subscription to the tier costs much more than the usual Premium subscription.


Spotify, the online music streaming service, is planning to introduce a high-quality audio tier later this year. In the company’s words, the feature will allow you to stream lossless audio. This is an improvement over the 160 kbps that the free tier offers.

The company is also doubling down on podcasts. It recently acquired several companies that specialize in podcast production, and now features more than 3.6 million titles.

While the company did not reveal pricing information at its StreamOn event, it did mention a new CD-quality lossless tier. Users will be able to test this out in the form of a free trial.

Several months ago, Spotify users spotted a HiFi icon in their iOS app. They speculated that the interface may have leaked.

Later in the year, the service will launch in select markets. The cost of the subscription will probably be in the range of $15, similar to the price of Amazon Music HD.

While Spotify has not yet formally announced the launch of its HiFi tier, executives say it is the most requested feature on their list. That’s a pretty big deal.

The HiFi feature was initially teased in February of last year, and it’s likely that it will be made available to more users in the near future. One user even posted a video of the service’s interface on Reddit.

While Spotify hasn’t ruled out an update for downloaded content in the future, it will likely be a while before we see a higher quality streaming option. However, the company is also partnering with speakers manufacturers to ensure that their devices can take advantage of the new tier.

It seems that the biggest improvement to Spotify will be the ability to more easily discover the music you already have saved on the platform. Not only will this save you time searching for content, but it will also help you organize your collection more quickly and efficiently.

Lossless audio formats

If you are a music lover who appreciates CD quality audio, you might be interested in Spotify HiFi. It is a streaming service that promises CD-quality, lossless audio. It is scheduled to launch in 2021, but has been delayed.

The first rumor of a lossless tier for Spotify came in 2017. According to the company, one of the most frequently requested features is higher quality audio. They have also enlisted the help of a handful of big name speaker manufacturers.

Spotify HiFi will provide a CD-quality lossless audio experience for Premium subscribers. Unlike other lossless services, such as TIDAL, Spotify HiFi will deliver music to a connected speaker. This is because lossless audio requires wired delivery.

In addition to lossless audio, Spotify is adding a number of new features. You can now choose to ad-free, listen to music for a lower price, and download unlimited songs. Also, you can choose from different quality settings. For instance, you can stream at 320 kbps, or you can opt for high-definition listening.

While the exact cost of Spotify HiFi has not been revealed yet, it’s expected to be somewhere between $15 and $20. However, if you already subscribe to Premium, you can enable the feature in your app.

Spotify will also offer the option to download lossless audio files, which will let you listen to music offline. You can do this by connecting your speakers with a Bluetooth device. Some Bluetooth devices, such as Sonos One, support FLAC, or you can use aptX HD.

Lossless audio formats can give you a more immersive listening experience. They are more detailed and can reveal new details in songs. Of course, it will depend on the type of headphones you use.

Taking your music wherever you go

In February of this year, Spotify introduced a new premium tier that offers higher quality music streams. However, Spotify hasn’t provided any technical details about these higher quality streams, which is a shame.

The service will be called “Spotify HiFi” and will be available in select markets. It will allow Premium subscribers to enjoy CD quality audio streaming. Aside from preserving sonic detail, the service will also make it possible to play songs on Spotify Connect enabled speakers. This will make the service appealing to those who want to listen to their favorite songs while traveling.

Until now, Spotify has offered a free tier and a Premium plan for those who want to pay. Its current premium tier is priced at US$9.99 per month. If you’re interested in trying out the service, you can sign up for a six-month trial. After the trial is over, you’ll be required to pay the regular subscription rate.

There are currently over 82 million songs on Spotify, including 4.5 billion playlists. This service is growing at a pace of 60,000 songs a day. You can also take advantage of its social features and music-related apps, such as ‘Blends’, ‘Discovery’ and ‘Audio Insights’.

One of the most highly requested features of the service is the ability to stream high quality music. Several Spotify users have spotted a “HiFi” icon in the iOS app in recent months. While the feature is not yet available, it’s likely to roll out later this year in a number of countries.

Unfortunately, Spotify hasn’t yet revealed pricing for the HiFi tier, but it’s likely to cost a few bucks more than the standard Premium subscription. Although Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has said that high-quality music streaming is one of the most requested features of the service, he hasn’t been forthcoming about the launch date.

HiFi costs more than the usual Premium subscription

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Spotify HiFi is a new CD-quality music streaming service. It will allow Premium subscribers to upgrade their listening experience by playing lossless audio.

The feature is expected to launch in several markets in the coming months. However, Spotify has yet to confirm a release date. In fact, it’s been almost a year since the company announced it.

Until then, it’s unclear how much it will cost. But if you want to try it out, it will probably come at a steep price. According to one survey, it will cost more than the regular Premium subscription.

Spotify’s Premium tier streams music at up to 320 Kbps. However, if you opt for the HiFi tier, you can get lossless audio at up to 1411 Kbps. This isn’t much different from what Tidal offers.

While there’s still no official word on what Spotify will charge for the HiFi tier, it’s likely to be higher than the normal Premium subscription. That’s because a lossless audio stream is a lot more data. With more data, the sound can be richer and wider. Depending on your headphones and speakers, you’ll hear a lot more detail.

In February, Spotify revealed plans for a higher-quality music streaming service, which would be available to Premium subscribers. At the time, the company said the feature would arrive in “select markets” later this year.

In addition to the new audio quality, Spotify Platinum will include Studio Sound and Audio Insights. It will also have a Headphone Tuner. You will also be able to download songs when you’re traveling. Ultimately, it’s an excellent way to support your favorite artists.

Although the service hasn’t launched yet, Spotify has confirmed that it’s testing the feature. And the company is ready to drop features that don’t work.

Music labels’ agreements with Spotify

The world’s largest music streaming service, Spotify, has been negotiating with record labels for years. However, this relationship has gone deeper than just a simple contract. It’s also shaped by the marketing agreements that Spotify has signed.

For example, Spotify is now licensing certain tracks directly from artists. This means that the small, independent acts won’t have to pay big labels to distribute their music. In fact, the artists will keep more money in the deal than they would in earlier arrangements.

One of the biggest advantages of this deal is the fact that it will give Spotify more leverage with smaller labels. Rather than simply giving them access to the service’s catalogue, the smaller labels will have the ability to demand more favorable terms.

Another advantage of this strategy is that it will allow Spotify to recoup some of its costs by selling its music marketing tools. Spotify currently sends out social media-ready graphics to artists, which they post on their social channels.

While this is a step forward for Spotify, it also puts it in a tough spot. Spotify will have to find a way to secure performance rights and composition licenses. Also, Spotify must convince labels to use the tools.

The deal will make it easier for artists to get onto Spotify, and give them a better chance at pitching their music to the company’s playlist makers. However, it’s still unclear what exactly Universal plans to do. Regardless, it shows that both companies are onboard with the two-sided marketplace concept.

Streaming has been an enormous success for both Spotify and the music industry. But the market isn’t very differentiated. As a result, many of the majors have favored rival services like Amazon and Apple.

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