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The release date for the new Spotify hifi is finally here, and it will be an exciting time for music lovers all over the world. You can start looking forward to listening to music on a high-fidelity sound system. There are a few key things you will need to know about the new unit, including its price and what it has to offer.

Lossless audio quality

One of the most popular music streaming services, Spotify, has started to roll out high-quality audio streaming features to compete with other platforms. In February, Spotify announced that its HiFi tier would soon deliver CD-quality lossless music streams. The service has not yet released any more details about the upcoming feature, but the company has hinted that it will support spatial audio.

Lossless audio allows users to hear the songs in a different way. When compared to other formats, lossless offers more details and a wider soundstage. But not all headphones are capable of delivering the quality of these audio formats. A good internet connection is also required to enjoy lossless playback.

If you are looking for a way to experience lossless music, you may consider signing up for a Spotify Premium account. The standard Spotify quality is 320kbit/s, but you can opt for a higher one for just a few dollars more. With the higher quality, you can listen to your favorite songs without distortion and without losing too much detail.

Another option is the Amazon Music HD. This high-fidelity service offers more than 60 million songs in HD. However, it charges $7.99 for Prime subscribers.

While other services like Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon offer high-resolution lossless, Spotify is still working on bringing the feature to users. It hasn’t shared any specific technical details about its higher-quality streams, but a representative has responded to a Reddit thread about it last month.

Spotify’s HiFi is expected to launch in 2022. However, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has not confirmed a launch date. That means the company is still in negotiations with music labels.


Spotify HiFi is a premium subscription feature. It will allow users to enjoy CD quality lossless audio streams through their Spotify Connect-enabled devices. The new feature will be available in select markets later this year.

Although Spotify has not revealed any pricing details, it will probably cost more than its standard Premium subscription. Spotify also announced that it is working with speaker manufacturers to create hi-fi-compatible speakers. However, the company has yet to disclose details about its lossless music format, such as the number of songs that will be available.

If you have a smartphone with a high-end processor, you can download the Spotify HiFi app to enjoy better audio. You’ll be able to toggle the setting by tapping the HiFi icon at the bottom of the screen.

In February, Spotify promised to unveil more details about its lossless format “soon.” When we checked in with the company last month, however, it was clear that it has yet to provide any details.

This leaves us with the impression that Spotify is waiting for the right time to announce its lossless music format. At a recent Stream On event, Spotify stated that it would be releasing HiFi in 2021.

A recent survey suggests that a high price tag for a hi-fi might be coming soon. Meanwhile, Amazon has offered its own higher-resolution streaming service, Amazon Music HD. That offers 60 million songs in High Definition.

Spotify is a major player in the music streaming industry, but it has a difficult task competing with Apple Music and Amazon Music. While its catalog is impressive, it is not as expansive as those services.

In order to compete with those services, Spotify will need to come up with a more creative and versatile business model. One way to do this is by offering a more detailed music library.

Spatial audio

Spatial audio is a new format of music that allows you to listen to a song in three dimensions. It is a form of surround sound that transmits 3D audio through your headphones. While there are numerous streaming services that offer this feature, Spotify has yet to release it.

However, a recent survey by Billboard has shown that a significant portion of music listeners are now listening to music in spatial audio. The tech is also being used by artists to create new songs.

The service is available for iOS and Mac devices. It is compatible with headphones and speakers that support Dolby Atmos. In fact, Apple recommends AirPods for the best experience.

Another way to enjoy spatial audio is through an app called Apple Music Sessions. This program features exclusive live performances from a variety of big names. These are recorded in Apple Music’s Nashville studios.

While Spotify’s high-fidelity lossless audio service is in the works, it is not currently offering spatial sound. But it may be coming soon.

Spotify has recently filed a patent for its own version of spatial audio. If the tech works as advertised, it might be able to deliver ads in this format.

There are other services that offer spatial audio, but the music is not as good. For example, the Sony 360 Reality Music offers a wide array of 3D music, but not as much as Amazon Music HD.

One of the most interesting aspects of Apple Music is its High-Resolution Lossless option. Users can listen to a catalog of 75 million songs in this quality. To get the best experience, users will need high-quality headphones and a good DAC.

Connect compatibility

If you’re a fan of Spotify, you might have heard about their new feature called Spotify Connect. It’s a way to play your favorite tracks using a speaker, Chromecast or even a TV. To get started, all you need is a Spotify Premium account and a compatible audio device.

As you might expect, it’s not for everyone. However, if you’re a music aficionado, it’s a must have.

Spotify Connect lets you control your music on multiple devices at the same time, so you can listen to music on your iPhone while you surf the web on your PC. You can also use it with your voice assistant. Depending on your device and Wi-Fi network, it might be easier to switch between devices with Connect than with Bluetooth.

Spotify Connect also supports more than 300 wireless audio products from speakers to car audio systems. Although not all of them will work with the free plan, most should.

The new Connect support has been spotted in the iOS version of the Spotify app. You can toggle on and off the HiFi feature by tapping the icon in the bottom corner of the screen. While the company has yet to announce the exact launch date for the feature, it’s safe to assume it will be coming soon.

Other than the Connect name, the most impressive feature of the new feature is probably the fact that it can be used to play high quality streams. This isn’t just a clever gimmick – it’s also part of a broader effort to make software more complete.

It’s no secret that Spotify has a massive catalogue. Their CEO once said that the company’s ultimate goal is to be as ubiquitous as a CD. They’re working to bring more manufacturers onto the platform.


Spotify Hifi is a new service that will be coming to the platform in the near future. It will offer better quality music streams through Spotify Connect. This new tier is expected to be available on a monthly basis.

The streaming service will include Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, and Playlist Pro. It will also have limited ad podcasts. However, it is unclear how much it will cost.

While there is no specific timeline yet, it appears as if the feature could come out any time. Some users are saying that they have spotted an icon on the application, which would indicate that the feature is in development.

Spotify has not revealed exactly how it will charge for the HiFi tier. But it is believed that it will be a higher priced option than existing subscription plans.

Users may be able to sign up for a trial of the new feature. That would allow them to see if they are suited to the premium streaming service. They might get the chance to upgrade for free if they decide to stay.

Spotify has been working on this feature for several years. Eventually, the company will launch it in multiple markets. It is likely that it will be part of the Platinum tier, which is currently being offered in some markets.

Initially, it was rumored that Spotify HiFi would cost $5-$10 a month. However, it has now been delayed. According to one user, it will be offered for a longer period.

It is not yet clear when or where the feature will be available, but it is expected to be in select markets by the end of 2021.

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