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Spotify has just announced that they will be launching a new HiFi tier that will provide CD quality audio for people who want the highest quality music available. The tier will be available on mobile devices as well as PCs, but will only be available in a few markets. Read on to learn more about the upcoming tier, and what it means for you.

Lossless streaming

Spotify is set to offer lossless streaming at some point this year. However, it’s not clear how it will work or what it will cost. Fortunately, you can take a test run of the new feature.

Lossless audio is defined as a quality setting which allows you to stream music without losing any of the sonic details of the original file. This means you can hear details like higher frequencies and wider soundstages. There are many different lossless services available, but you’ll need to make sure you have a suitable device, such as headphones or speakers, to enjoy the full experience.

A Reddit user recently posted a video of the lossless streaming feature, but no other details have been provided. The service will use Bluetooth protocol, enabling listeners to connect wirelessly to a speaker with the right protocols.

Last year, Apple Music rolled out lossless audio streaming, which means users can hear music at a much higher resolution than the usual 16-bit/44.1 kHz. At no extra cost, users can also opt to stream music in the aforementioned high resolution.

While Apple Music and Amazon Music both support lossless streaming, the tier is free to all users. You may find yourself wishing you had a better way to listen to the music you love. In addition, you can also listen to the Master Quality Authenticated tracks.

It’s unclear whether Spotify will release the lossless streaming feature as a standalone product or as part of its current subscription tier. If you want to experience CD-quality music, you’ll have to shell out for the HiFi tier, which costs a couple of bucks per month.

While lossless music may sound great, it’s important to note that it will consume more data, and you’ll probably have to stream it on Wi-Fi. This could lead to a data bill that is more than you’d be willing to pay.

Spotify’s lossless streaming tier will probably not launch until later this year, though it’s possible that you’ll be able to test the feature out now. For now, you can take the ABX test to see if your speakers and ears can handle it.

CD-quality audio

Spotify HiFi is a new music streaming service offered by Spotify. It will deliver CD-quality lossless audio streams to users through Spotify Connect. This feature is expected to launch later this year in select markets.

Spotify HiFi will provide a higher quality stream than the standard Premium tier. The streaming service will offer an average bitrate of 850 Kbps and a 16-bit audio sample rate. In contrast to the 320 Kbps MP3 format used by the Premium tier, lossless audio can sound wider and more immersive.

Spotify is still negotiating with various music labels. Although it has been testing CD-quality audio, it has yet to announce pricing or technical details for this new feature.

There are several music streaming services offering higher quality audio, including Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Tidal. Spotify is also in negotiations with various speakers manufacturers to support this new feature. Ultimately, the company hopes to launch the feature as a subscription upgrade. However, the price of the service will likely be more than the usual Premium tier.

One of the major differences between Spotify and other music services is the audio. Spotify charges an additional fee to listen to high-resolution audio. Other services like Amazon and Deezer offer the feature for free. A high-resolution audio tier costs around $20-30 per month. Compared to these costs, Spotify’s hi-fi tier may not be a great deal for many customers.

However, Spotify’s hi-fi ring may come sooner than you think. Among the reasons for the delay are licensing issues. Executives have said that the service has been “caught up in” licensing negotiations. Another reason is competition with the new tier from rivals.

Another possible reason for the delay is that Spotify is working on additional features to justify the increase in price. For instance, some of the newer Connect-enabled devices may get the feature first.

Spotify hasn’t confirmed whether it will support immersive audio streams, but the company has said it will offer CD-quality lossless audio. This is different from the “high-res” tier from Amazon and Tidal, which offer immersive audio.

HiFi tier vs the competition

The HiFi tier was one of the biggest features Spotify promised, but hasn’t arrived yet. A year after the service was first announced, executives haven’t said much about it. What does it offer, and how does it compare to rivals like Apple Music and Amazon?

It was not uncommon for executives to mention “spatial audio” when discussing a feature, but there hasn’t been much detail about it. Some people speculate that Spotify has been working on other, more technical, higher-quality audio options in secret.

Several months ago, users spotted an icon on the iOS app that was supposed to indicate a HiFi feature. When they asked about it, a Spotify representative told them that they were talking to music labels. They also claimed that the service has been tested.

Although Spotify hasn’t formally confirmed a HiFi tier, it has made several updates that indicate the company is getting ready for the feature. In particular, a new update to the HiFi features that offers CD-quality audio.

Spotify has also pushed hard on podcasts. Its latest feature, Audio Insights, is a tool that lets you listen to a podcast at a higher quality than standard streams. This is a sign that the company is doubling down on its podcasts.

In February, Spotify announced plans for a high-end subscription tier. According to the company, the tier would offer CD-quality, lossless audio.

However, it hasn’t been clear whether the feature will cost more than the company’s premium subscription. During a call with analysts and investors on Wednesday, Spotify executives did not give any details. Besides, they were occupied with licensing negotiations.

One Reddit user leaked a video that shows what the new feature may be. The video shows the process of onboarding for the new feature.

While it isn’t clear why the company didn’t announce the feature at the Stream On event, it does look like it will launch at a later date. That’s not to say that it won’t come, however. Unless Spotify wants to make it a big deal, it could wait to see how other rivals react.

Availability in several markets

In February, Spotify announced plans to launch a new tier of service, called “Spotify HiFi,” that would offer CD quality lossless audio streaming. The service would be an opt-in upgrade for Premium subscribers. It would compete with Tidal, which has provided lossless audio streams for some time. However, Spotify has been silent on the specifics of the tier’s pricing, release date, and device compatibility.

It appears that Spotify has not been fully prepared to offer the new tier. Although the company has stated that it would be launching the service in select markets later this year, it has not confirmed a release date.

Spotify HiFi has been a long-requested feature for the service. Originally, it was expected to roll out in a few key markets by the end of 2021. But this has been delayed, citing licensing issues. While Spotify hasn’t formally announced a release date, it’s likely that HiFi will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

Spotify executives have spoken with analysts on Wednesday and did not provide any specific details on the HiFi tier. They did note that discussions were ongoing, though.

The company also announced that the new HiFi service would not only be available to Premium subscribers, but that it would also be compatible with “Spotify Connect-enabled speakers,” such as the Sony MDR-XB90. Those speakers, along with any other device supported by the service, will be able to play Spotify music in CD-quality, lossless audio.

As a part of the new service, Spotify will introduce an interface to the HiFi setting, which will be toggled by a button in the bottom left corner of the app. This will allow users to listen to songs in their full range of quality, as artists intended.

Several consumers have already picked up AirPods, which support wireless Lossless playback, and the technology is becoming more widespread. Apple also reportedly plans to release its own wireless headphones, the AirPods Pro 2, which will support immersive audio streams. If that’s the case, then Spotify could be one step ahead of its competitors.

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