Inside Donald Trump – Free Expansion For Surgeon Simulator


Surgeon Simulator does not encourage you to kill real people. This is not a game you should play if you are insecure about killing someone. Trump is rich and powerful, and has a public persona of a crass bully. However, he is a cisgender, white, straight man. As such, there are no signs of vulnerability on his body. However, the developers of Surgeon Simulator have avoided this problem.

Inside Donald Trump expansion

If you already own Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition, you can get the Inside Donald Trump expansion for free when you update to the newest version on Steam. You can also purchase this expansion for only $0.60 on Steam, which is 80 percent off the normal price. If you want to upgrade to the latest version before June 11, you can purchase it for $2.

Inside Donald Trump is the latest DLC for Surgeon Simulator. It features a lot of new features and a new medical bill. Some of the new items you can try out are the Trump Vodka, Trump Steak, Trump Tower, Club Bossa makeup kit, and Trump medical bill.

The Inside Donald Trump expansion for Surgeon Simulator allows you to perform heart transplants on Donald Trump. You can earn millions of dollars, skyscrapers, and even a toupee if you perform a successful operation. It is available on Windows PCs, Macs, and Linux computers.

Surgeon Simulator: Inside Donald Trump is the latest expansion pack, and it gives players the chance to operate on the Republican candidate in the upcoming election. The game’s creator, Bossa Studios, has plans to release thousands of Lets Play videos of players operating on Trump. The game is free to download, but players who already own Surgen Simulator: Anniversary Edition on Steam will get the Inside Donald Trump expansion for free.

Surgeon Simulator: Inside Donald Trump has two new missions, Heart Surgery and Heart Transplant. Players can operate on Trump’s heart using stone, gold, or a mix of both. The outcome is displayed live on Surgeon Simulator’s website, and the players’ choices will be posted on the site. The “stone” heart option is the winning one, but the game allows players to make their own choices.

Bossa’s live tracker

Bossa is a game developer best known for its comedic games that place you in the role of many different objects, often involving physics-based controls. Some of their games have sold millions of copies and garnered millions of views online. Today, these games are still wildly popular, even six years after they were released. One of their most popular games still receives 10 million views a month on YouTube.

In the sequel to the original surgeon simulator, Bossa studios crammed a lot into the game. The game tells the story of four friends who have started a hospital for novices. The game also features people with no control over their limbs attempting surgery. Another new feature is the ability to play with up to three other people at a time.

Surgeon Simulator can be purchased on Steam for $2. The Anniversary Edition includes new features and a free expansion. Users of the Surgeon Simulator can purchase a Trump-themed cosmetic kit in Club Bossa. Upon completion of an operation, the game will give players a medical bill.

Getting a heart transplant for Donald Trump

Surgeon Simulator puts the presumptive Republican presidential candidate’s life in your hands as you perform operations on the president. The game’s latest expansion, Inside Donald Trump, requires players to perform a heart transplant on the president. There are two heart types available: a gold heart and a stone heart. You’ll have to choose which one Trump wants to receive. Once you’ve chosen, you can then follow along on his progress by following the progress tracker site. You’ll also be able to see the cost of each procedure.

One update released Thursday for Surgeon Simulator has added the option to perform heart surgery on Donald Trump. The game also includes options to dress up as the president, drink Trump vodka, or eat a steak prepared by the president. You’ll also be able to use make-up and perform cosmetic procedures on Donald Trump himself.

Surgeon Simulator is free to download, and the developer has pledged to donate 100 percent of its profits to charity. The game’s developers, Bossa Studios, have also promised to track players’ hearts. Among the charities they’re supporting is Give Trump the Finger.

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