How to Unlock Secret Dungeons in Final Fantasy XV


Getting in to secret dungeons in FFXV can be quite tricky. Typically, doors in these locations are locked and cannot be opened normally. The game will notify you that the dungeon is locked. In order to unlock the doors, you will need to use a special key.

Getting in to a secret dungeon

Getting in to a secret dungaon in FFXV is a great way to get more experience in the game. There are a couple ways to do this. First, you can visit the Meldacio Hunter HQ outpost. This is where you will meet Ezma, an old lady with a key to dangerous monster vaults. Getting in to these dungeons will require you to complete some basic dungeon layouts.

Another way of getting into a secret dungeon is to get the secret seal key. This key is needed to unlock certain doors, like the one located in Meldacia Hunter HQ east of Vesperpools. This is an important quest that rewards you with the Dungeon Seal Key.

Another way to get in to a secret dungeon is to visit the Ostium Gorge dungeon. This dungeon is east of the road tunnel. This dungeon is recommended for those who have reached level 28. In this dungeon, you’ll find a miniboss and a Royal Weapon. It’s a big cave, so it can be hard to find. You can view it on your side quest list or on the in-game map.

First, you need to land in a safe area and head north-west. From there, you should be able to spot a building in the distance. From here, you’ll have to climb up the stairs to the right side of the building. Once you reach the top floor, you’ll be able to see a glowing switch, which will allow you to descend into the dungeon below.

A second way to access a secret dungeon in Final Fantasy XV is to complete the Stealing the Past quest. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to access a secret dungeon called Pitioss Ruins. This dungeon contains puzzle rooms and platforming. You’ll need to have the Black Hood accessory to solve the puzzles.

Getting in to a locked dungeon

In Final Fantasy XV, you’ll often encounter locked dungeon doors that are a little tough to access. Fortunately, there are ways to get in to these dungeons without cheating. These doors usually lead to new areas or to enemies that are difficult to defeat, and they can be opened legitimately. Keep in mind, though, that these dungeons aren’t for the novice or underleveled character!

One of the best ways to access locked dungeons in Final Fantasy XV is to use the Warp Point. This will help you to reach an upper platform. Once you’re up there, use a Spellstone or a Javelin to deal more damage to the Voretooth.

Getting out of a locked dungeon

If you’ve played Final Fantasy XV, you’ve probably encountered locked doors in the game’s dungeons. These doors can be difficult to open and lead to a new area of the game. However, there are ways to open them legitimately so you can continue playing.

One way to get out of a locked dungeon is to complete the main story quest, Menace Beneath Lucis. This quest will require you to complete the game’s fifteen chapters, and if you finish it, you’ll be able to access the open world of Lucis. However, before you can access the world of Lucis, you must first find the Dungeon Seal Key, a distinctive item you need to open dungeons.

Once you’ve done this, head down the staircase and go to the doorway on the north side. You’ll then have to face Nagarani, which are tougher enemies than other creatures in the dungeon. Use items like Maiden’s Kisses or Moon Pendants to help you face them.

Another way to get out of a locked dungeon is to talk to Ezma. This old lady, who sits on a chair, is the key to the dangerous monster vaults. However, it’s important to understand that talking to Ezma will require you to complete several optional dungeons.

The last method of getting out of a locked dungeon is to kill the boss. This is possible if you’ve mastered all the enemies in the dungeon. It’s a great test of your endurance and you’ll be rewarded with an item called the Hunter’s Medal.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, you’ll be given a special key that will unlock the doors. If you’re KOed, you’ll lose all of your party members. However, if you’re able to complete all the quests in the game, you’ll find an exit.

Once you have the Hunters Medal, you’ll be able to enter a second dungeon. This will unlock another level and give you a chance to explore more dungeons. You’ll also be rewarded with a side quest. And the Hunters Medal can be used in spell crafting. This means that you’ll be able to craft the highest-tier spells.

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