How to Unlock Blackout Characters in Call of Duty Bo4


Blackout characters are not available to you until you unlock them with a special item. These items can be obtained by completing specific challenges with them. These items can also be obtained through winning a game. You may have to play a few matches before unlocking a blackout character.

Recon Blackout character mission

The Recon Blackout character mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops III is an action game set in the 2040s, and focuses on a group of elite soldiers called Specialists. They are hired by a researcher named Savannah Mason-Meyer and recruited to do a specific mission. The team is made up of a range of characters including infantryman Donnie Walsh, demolitions expert Erin Baker, Medical Sergeant Jarrah Bazley, and militia officer Kerk Rossouw.

Find a Death Machine Mini Gun

One of the easiest ways to unlock the blackout characters in Blessing of the Nerds is to find a Death Machine Mini Gun, which can be found in crates or supply drops. Then, you must use the weapon to kill multiple zombies, usually in the top ten players.

The best place to find a Death Machine Mini Gun is in the jungle. Look for a blue tarp tucked away in the trees. It will unlock the Blackout characters. You can also find it by looting enemy units, which will give you items to use.

If you are looking for a good shotgun, you can also try the MOG-12 or SG12. The MOG-12 is great for holding down a position, but has poor accuracy at long ranges. Similarly, the Rampart 17 is classified as an assault rifle, but does more damage than most automatic weapons, and only requires a few hits to kill an enemy.

A Death Machine Mini Gun is a handy way to upgrade your weapons in the game. You can also use it to make a shield, which will prevent zombies from damaging you. This weapon also makes it easier to sneak around. If you find one of these in the wild, you’ll be able to use it to protect yourself and your teammates.

A Death Machine Mini Gun is an extremely useful weapon in Blackout. You can also use this weapon to kill zombies. It costs 5000 points. Then, you can use it to unlock the Serket Gift trophy, which requires that you kill nine zombies in a single shot.

Collect a Cymbal Monkey weapon

The Cymbal Monkey weapon can be used to lure zombies towards you, and it is a powerful weapon that can also be used as a trap. While its appearance is reminiscent of the original, it’s a bit grimmer and has a different sound than the original. It sounds like a toy, and it’s even got its own song that plays whenever it’s thrown. It’s also one of the few items that will attract zombies. You can get this weapon through a mysterious Mystery Box in the Der Riese area.

To get this weapon, you’ll need to kill a lot of zombies. You’ll also need a Cymbal Monkey weapon to use it on zombies. It’s also possible to collect it if you kill zombies with your Ray Gun or Katana. This weapon can only be obtained by completing certain challenges. Once you’ve completed these challenges, you’ll be able to use your Cymbal Monkey weapon on zombies.

You can also use a Cymbal Monkey weapon to collect other special items. The Cymbal Monkey weapon is available in a Mystery Box. This box contains any loot that’s in the game, but tends to contain the rarest items. The boxes will play a sound when you open them.

Besides collecting weapons, Blackout also has several challenges to unlock new characters. For instance, you can unlock Nikoli, a new character in Blackout. In order to unlock this character, you must kill at least three enemies wearing armour.

The Cymbal Monkey is the most difficult weapon to find in the game, and you must use it on zombies. It is also the rarest item to obtain in Blackout mode. Moreover, you can also find the special item “Note from Torque” in random supply boxes in the game. In Blackout mode, you must finish in the top 30 and have the note from Torque in your inventory to unlock his character.

Win a match

You can unlock Blackout characters by winning a match, completing a specific mission, or by winning a supply drop. Some challenges require multiple matches, while others can be completed in a single match. Those who complete the character missions can expect to receive a specific character skin as a reward.

There are a variety of strategies you can use to unlock blackout characters in Bo4. For example, if you want to unlock Juneau’s Tags skin, you should be able to find pieces of Destroyed Armour Plating from your opponents. Similarly, if you want to unlock Torque’s Note or Barricades, you should be able to find them on the enemy side.

Another way to unlock Blackout characters in Bo4 is to unlock blackout weapons. These weapons are often hidden in supply drops and require players to kill enemies wearing them. This can be quite challenging, and requires a great deal of luck, but it is possible. You must also be able to stay alive until the match is over before you can get your reward.

The best way to unlock blackout characters in Bo4 is to win a Blackout match and win. A blackout match is best played with a group of friends in a quad, but you can also use a helicopter to help you win. You will be surprised to find out that a helicopter is one of the best assets you can have when it comes to winning a Blackout match.

Find a Burned Doll item

The Burned Doll item is found in random loot drops in Bo4 and is required to unlock blackout characters. This item is also required to unlock the new abilities Firebreak and Annihilator. If you have the item, you can use it to kill zombies and collect their broken armor Plating. To get the item, you should be in the top 15 in the game.

You can find the Burned Doll item in supply caches or by looting the bodies of enemies. However, this item is rare and is not guaranteed to drop. You can also sneak up on your opponent in order to get it. Once you have found the item, you should complete the match with it. However, the best way to obtain the item is to play in Quads and Duos.

Once you have unlocked the character, you can use it to unlock other items. Some of the characters in the Blackout game mode are only available in the multiplayer mode, but there are other ways to unlock them. You can find them by hunting them down in zombie-infested areas and by completing certain activities.

Blackout also allows players to customize their characters by completing Merits. These Merits unlock Eschelon levels, and some of them require specific actions to unlock. You can also unlock some preset skins through ‘character missions’. These missions require you to complete specific actions during the game, such as avoiding collapse damage or finishing in a certain spot.

If you’re looking to unlock Blackout characters, you’ll need to kill a few enemies with armour. You can kill three enemies wearing armour before unlocking the Blackout characters. This will allow you to unlock the Blackout Battery skin.

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