How to Save Battery While Playing Pokemon Go


If you want to extend the battery life of your mobile phone while playing Pokemon Go, there are a few steps that you can take. These tips include turning off augmented reality, closing non-essential apps, and turning off music. While these measures will help you extend the battery life of your mobile phone, they may not be suitable for everyone.

Low power mode

If you’re worried about your battery draining while playing Pokemon GO, you can turn on Low Power Mode. This feature will turn off unnecessary background music and audio effects and optimise your device’s performance. Additionally, your phone won’t download content in the background. While it’s true that it might not be as immersive as your favorite anime series, playing without these features won’t negatively impact the game’s performance and will help save battery life.

This feature is not suitable for all phones. However, if you have an OLED display, you can enable the feature. This will increase your phone’s battery life by as much as 50%. You can also install Pokemon Go battery saver app to your phone to get the benefits of this feature.

Turning off background apps and reducing screen brightness will also help you save battery. You can also use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data to reduce data usage. It’s also important to close apps that consume your battery, such as social media apps. If you’re serious about saving battery life while playing Pokemon Go, make sure to carry a power-bank.

Low power mode is a great feature that can save your battery life when you’re playing Pokemon Go. While your phone is in low power mode, you’ll still have access to the game’s features and can catch rare Pokemon. To enable Low Power Mode, go into the Settings app and toggle the toggle in the top right corner.

If you’re serious about playing Pokemon Go for hours, it’s worth the investment in a power bank and extra batteries. These will ensure that you can play for longer hours without having to worry about running out of battery. Many hardcore Pokemon Go players carry power banks and portable chargers around with them to ensure their phones are always charged.

Turning off augmented reality

If you’ve noticed that your battery has been running low while playing Pokemon Go, you may want to turn off the AR mode. You can do this by finding the AR toggle in the upper right corner of your screen. When the toggle is on, you’ll see a camera in the backdrop. If it’s off, you won’t see this camera.

The augmented reality feature in Pokemon GO lets you see real-world Pokemon and take pictures of them. However, this feature quickly drains your battery. To preserve your battery, turn off the AR feature and keep the game running in graphics. This way, you can still see your Pokemon and hit them with your Pokeball. Turning off the AR feature will not affect the game’s quality, but it will cut down on battery life.

The AR off mode can be activated in the settings menu of the app. By default, the camera is on when you’re capturing a Pokemon. However, this feature can drain your battery and cause your device to heat up. To turn off the AR mode, simply hold your phone upside down.

You can also turn off the AR feature in Pokemon GO by selecting the toggle in the upper right corner of the app. Toggling off the AR feature will make the camera view appear with a cartoon background. This can be an effective way to save battery life while playing Pokemon Go.

In addition to battery consumption, the AR mode can cause your phone to lag. However, it may be useful for connecting with other players. However, it’s important to note that the AR mode will negatively affect the performance of low-end devices. As a result, low-end devices may crash and lag, and battery life will suffer.

Closing non-essential apps

One of the best ways to save battery while playing Pokemon Go is to close non-essential apps while you’re not using them. The augmented reality feature of the game uses a lot of processing power and will drain battery life. To avoid this, you should reduce the quality of graphics and turn off augmented reality mode.

Another way to conserve battery is to turn down your screen brightness. Doing this will cut down on background processes and push notifications. Then, your phone will only be focused on playing Pokemon Go. Similarly, playing the game in areas where the signal is strong will conserve battery life.

One of the easiest ways to save battery while playing Pokemon Go is by closing non-essential apps. You can do this by double tapping the home button and navigating to Recent Apps. Then, you can swipe up to close the app. Similarly, you can close social media apps.

Turning off music

When playing Pokemon Go, turning off your background music will help you save battery life. Although the game has a beautiful soundtrack, it can get repetitive after a while. Also, it doesn’t actually serve any purpose in the gameplay. Instead, you’ll only hear sound effects. To save battery life, you should turn off the background music in your device’s settings.

You’ll also be able to turn off music and sounds in the Pokemon GO app by using the settings page. This will help you reduce the amount of battery used by your iPhone’s speaker. If you don’t have headphones or speakers, you can also turn off the music on your device.

To save battery while playing Pokemon Go, you can turn off the background music, vibration, sound effects, and other features. These features tend to eat up battery life. If you’re worried that you’ll be able to stay on the game without interruptions, you can turn these features off in the game’s settings. Just be careful, though, not to get addicted to the game.

Another trick for preserving battery life while playing Pokemon Go is to reduce screen brightness. You can do this by going to settings – display – and then brightness. You can also go into the battery saver mode in your phone’s settings to save battery. This will make your phone’s battery last longer.

Turning off sounds

Pokemon GO uses a lot of battery power, so turning off the sounds while playing is important. In the settings of the game, you can turn off music, sound effects, and vibration. Turning them off will reduce battery consumption and help your battery last longer. You can also disable WiFi and Bluetooth to save battery life as well.

The game vibrates when you’re near a Pokemon, but this uses a lot of battery. You can disable this vibrator by turning off the vibrator motor. This way, you won’t have to spend as much time checking for Wi-Fi signals. You can also turn off your Bluetooth device, and turn on Do Not Disturb on your device. Turning off notifications is another great way to conserve battery power while playing Pokemon GO.

Another way to save battery while playing Pokemon Go is by turning off the augmented reality mode. During long walks to hatch eggs and catch rare Pokemon, this mode is useful. You can toggle this mode on or off in the app by clicking the toggle on the top right corner.

You should also turn off the music and sound effects in Pokemon GO. This way, you can focus on finding rare Pokemon instead of worrying about battery life. While it may seem like an unnecessary step, turning off the sounds will help you to catch more Pokemon. This way, you’ll save more battery and enjoy the game more.

Luckily, Pokemon Go has a battery saver mode in its settings. You can toggle it on or off as you please, or use the app’s settings to turn off these features in one tap.

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