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If you want to make the most of 2k17, there are several things you should know. This article will discuss MyCareer mode, Best offensive builds, and New player archetypes. You should also be aware of the AI. By knowing this, you can dominate your opponents.

MyCareer mode

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, the new NBA 2K17 game mode has many options for creating and developing your player. In the game, you can choose a position, improve your skills, and sign sponsorship deals. The game’s MyCareer mode has become one of the most popular modes, and it’s a great way to build your own player and create a unique, authentic look.

MyCareer mode is a new feature that puts you in the shoes of a highly touted prospect. You can train yourself to become the most valuable player in the NBA, and unlock new moves that can help you improve your game. But the game has several drawbacks. First, it punishes you if you don’t improve enough. It’s designed to make you spend money on perks that will never make you a better player. Secondly, it forces you to spend time watching pointless cutscenes or talking to people you don’t know. The game also forces you to sit through unnecessary team practices, even when you don’t need to.

The game’s defensive system has been improved in NFL 14. In MyCareer mode, defensive help is more responsive to offensive threats and will try to deflect passes. In addition to defending, players can also choose their position or type of player. Height and weight are the two main factors that determine a player’s stats.

The game’s attributes and performance aren’t balanced well. Players will often choose the college they want to attend, but their choice is not crucial. Instead, the game’s attributes should be balanced so that the player can maximize their potential. While the game’s graphics are good, a player’s skill is more important than the game’s visuals.

MyCareer mode allows you to interact with other players and their managers. The game also allows you to communicate with other players through text messaging. Unlike in other games, MyCAREER conversations are more interactive. You can send and receive messages with other players and set up events with them. You can also visit them and interact with them in person.

New player archetypes

The key to becoming the best player in NBA 2K17 is to maximize your primary strengths. For example, if you have good athleticism, you should focus on improving your dunk skills. Another great skill to improve is your ability to finish around the basket. Maximizing these skills will improve your chances of scoring and earning virtual currency bonuses. The game includes several different ways to earn virtual currency, including MyCareer journeys.

There are a number of different skill badges available to earn in NBA 2K. Each badge has a unique requirement. To earn the Acrobat badge, you must make 50+ reverse layups and runner shots in a single season. Likewise, you must earn 50+ offensive rebounds to earn the Putback King badge.

Depending on the position you play, you can also choose an archetype that is better suited for that position. As an example, a Lockdown Defender is good at guarding the opposing team and is also good at blocking shots. This build compensates for its lower offensive stats. Meanwhile, a Playmaker is an expert in ball handling and positions his teammates for shots. Be careful though, as the Playmaker is not a shooting guard.

Best offensive builds

If you’re looking to become the best player in NBA 2K17, you can choose from an offensive build. Offensive-focused guards have more ball control and create opportunities without relying on their teammates. Slashers, on the other hand, can force themselves under the rim and score in bunches. A Shooting Guard or a Small Forward is a good choice if you want to play like a slasher.

The wing build is a good choice for players who need to be able to score from various spots inside the three-point line and out from the arc in some situations. Its main strengths are a solid finishing ability and defensive awareness. Its weaknesses are the lack of speed and ball handling.

A Hall of Fame pick-and-roll maestro is one of the best offensive builds for NBA 2K17. It will give you almost unlimited shooting range, and it also allows you to speedboost both players. This will allow you to stay close to sharp and make sure your opponent doesn’t block your shots. With HoF limitless, you’ll be able to hit over 50% of shots from the hash mark.

AI players

When playing My NBA 2K17, there are some basic tips you should know to make the AI player your best player. The first rule is to always start off with the weakest player on your team. The AI will usually start out with a weak player, so it will be your job to make him better by using support cards.

Second, it’s important to know that there are multiple ways to make the AI player in 2K17. You can use bots or make your own team with MyCAREER. One way to play with bots is by using MyCAREER, which is a popular option.

AI Players are great in online modes, but they can be frustrating in offline modes. Some opponents don’t want to play with AI Players. Others argue that they don’t add anything to the experience. Some believe that AI Players are only needed as a failsafe in online modes. They can replace players who leave the game, and they are a fallback for regions with a small user base.

If you’re a basketball fan, you probably already know the fundamentals of the game. But you might not be as familiar with the game’s nuances. If you’ve played the previous version of NBA 2K, you’ll be pleased to learn that this new version is more focused on the basketball experience itself.

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