How to Make Ringtones For iPhone 6s


If you want to learn how to make ringtones for iPhone 6s, you can use the free app GarageBand. The app requires about 1.6 GB of storage, and it requires a song on your iPhone in order to work. To get the song onto your iPhone, you can sync it with iTunes or download it in another app. However, you must make sure that the song is DRM-free or it won’t work. GarageBand is specifically designed for ringtones, so make sure to get a song that doesn’t have any DRM.

Change the file type of a sound file to make it into a ringtone

You can easily change the file type of a sound file to turn it into a ringtone for iPhone sixs. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and find the file in the iTunes library. Look for the “Kind” column. You will see the original MP3 file and a new AAC file. You can delete the MP3 file and rename the new AAC file to.m4r. The new ringtone file will then appear on your iPhone.

If you have a sound file that is longer than 30 seconds, you can use it to create a ringtone. Just make sure to keep it between five and ten seconds long. If you want to be more precise, you can use the “Start” and “Stop” boxes under the “Options” tab. You can also include decimal places to help you be more precise.

Alternatively, you can use your voice to make a custom ringtone. To do so, you need to have a sound file on your computer and iTunes installed on your phone. This can be a song, recording of your voice, or a line from a movie. The sound file must be in an iTunes-compatible format and be in the same folder as your other files. Once you’ve finished creating your custom ringtone, you can sync the new ringtone to your iPhone and choose it as your ringtone.

Once you have the new file on your iPhone, iTunes will automatically change the file type of the sound file from “m4a” to “m4r. The file type will remain unchanged, but you can now make the file a ringtone for iPhone 6s as long as it is shorter than 40 seconds. The next step is to connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable. iTunes will display a bell icon. Click on this icon to open the window with your custom ringtone.

Another way to convert a voice memo into a ringtone for iPhone 6S is to use the Voice Memo app. If you have a song in your voice memo, you can convert it into a ringtone by selecting it and dragging it into your iTunes Tones library. To make a ringtone, you can use any song you like as a ringtone.

You can also make your own ringtone by downloading an app for your iPhone called GarageBand. It is a free download from Apple and is a great way to convert standard sound files into ringtones. The app also offers options for downloading music from online sources. You can also convert music from YouTube to make it a ringtone. Aside from the audio files, YouTube also offers closed captioning and many other options.

Another way to make a ringtone for iPhone 6s is by editing a song. You can add effects and cut sections of the song. Once you are satisfied with the song, you can choose to save the file as a ringtone.

Transfer ringtones from iPhone to computer

If you are looking for a way to transferring ringtones from iPhone 6s, you can use iTunes. This software comes with a feature that lets you export your iPhone ringtones as AAC files. Then, you can transfer them to your computer.

The first step in this process is to make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer and that the Wi-Fi is on. Once the iPhone is connected to the computer, open iTunes and tap the “Sync Tones” option. From here, you can sync all the tones or select them one by one. Another way to transfer ringtones from iPhone 6s to PC is to download a free software like FoneTool, which allows you to transfer files wirelessly.

Another way to transfer ringtones is to send an email to the recipient. To do this, the ringtones must be smaller than 50 MB, and you should compress them as ZIP files. Once transferred, you should be able to save them to your target iPhone.

If you use iTunes, you should know that it supports only ringtones purchased from the iTunes Store and cannot transfer custom ringtones. Besides, this method may result in data loss, as it duplicates the purchased files in the iTunes library. This method will also not allow you to transfer selectively. Additionally, it will require that you authorize your computer to work with iTunes Store purchases.

Alternatively, you can use an older version of iTunes to transfer ringtones from iPhone 6s to your computer. When you open this software, make sure to disable automatic syncing, and then select “Transfer Purchases from iPhone”. Once the process is complete, your iPhone 6s will have the ringtones you want.

You can also use a third-party iPhone transfer program to export your ringtones to your PC. The Coolmuster iOS Assistant offers an option to select which ringtones to export and preview them before downloading them to your PC. In addition to transferring ringtones, Coolmuster iOS Assistant allows you to manage your iPhone data. This software also allows you to export your iPhone content, including photos, videos, and audio.

Another option for transferring ringtones from iPhone 6s to your computer is to create custom ringtones. Apple recently changed the way ringtones are added to the iPhone. The new version of iTunes removed the “Tones” section, but you can still manually place your ringtone files on the phone. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer using a Lightning cable. Click on the “iPhone” icon on the top-left corner of the screen.

Websites where you can get ringtones

There are a few places where you can get free ringtones for iPhone 6s. First, you can go to and look for a variety of popular ringtones. You can also search for ringtones by category, like Best, New, and Hot. You can also find ringtones specific to India.

Another place to get ringtones for iPhone 6s is the iTunes store. The website offers a huge selection of ringtones. You can browse through different categories, find what you want, and download it to your computer. You can also send the ringtone to your phone by email or by scanning a QR code.

Free ringtones are also available on websites like Zedge. The site allows you to choose between MP3 and M4R file formats. You can also listen to songs before downloading them. You can also see how many people have downloaded them so you can decide which to download.

Free iPhone ringtones are available online at and Zedge. These websites have a large database of free ringtones for iPhone. You can also download free iPhone wallpapers and themes. These websites are also great for finding new tunes for your iPhone.

If you want a custom ringtone, you can also try Melofania. The website allows you to create your own ringtones from your favorite music. You can upload your own song or grab a song from YouTube. Then, you can download the new ringtone as MP3 or M4R file. Another option is Freetone, which allows you to listen to and download popular ringtones. The downside to this website is that it requires that you download the ringtone via iTunes or iOS transfer tool.

Custom iPhone ringtones can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used as a way to notify the user when a special call is about to come. It can also serve as a nostalgic reminder of the past. A custom iPhone ringtone can make your iPhone feel more personal.

There are a few websites where you can get free ringtones for iPhone 6s. Some of these websites also offer paid ringtones. For instance, there is the iPhone Ringtones app, which allows you to download professionally-made ringtones for your phone. The app is a small download and has a variety of features.

You can also transfer purchased ringtones from your iPhone 6s to your computer. However, you should keep in mind that it is not always possible to transfer ringtones to the iPhone through iTunes, and you will have to use a third-party app.

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