How to Join Faction in Destiny 2 PC


If you want to know how to join faction in Destiny 2, you have to follow some simple steps. First, you need to look for leaders in your faction. Once you do, speak to them to find out about the weapons and armor they sell. If you join a faction, you will get more powerful weapons and armor.

Dead Orbit

In Destiny 2, you can join the faction known as the Dead Orbit, or DAO. This faction is based on the concept that humans must leave earth for salvation in the stars. In the game, the faction has its own fleet of starships that it leases out to the Vanguard for defense purposes. The DAO also has a strong emphasis on golden age technology.

Each faction has different weapons and armor sets, as well as different color palettes. The Dead Orbit, for example, has black and red armor, while the New Monarchy has blue and red armor. There are also different types of weapons that you can purchase through the faction vendors.

The Dead Orbit faction has legendary gear, which you can unlock by completing quests. This gear is similar to the other factions, but they differ in style. The gear of the Dead Orbit has monochromatic armor, which fits with the space goth aesthetic of the faction.

The Dead Orbit faction is located in The Tower. You can find their representatives in the hanger next to Amanda Holiday. The mesh tents will have odd green glows coming from them. You can also find a Future War Cult representative upstairs in the hanger, behind a desk.

If you’re new to Destiny, you can choose to join one of the factions by visiting the Tower. There are three factions to choose from – the Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and the New Monarchy. The Dead Orbit faction is the most popular and was the first faction to win a faction rally on console. In addition, their gear is similar to the EDZ’s rugged Wildwood set, which makes them popular among players.

Future War Cult

So, you’ve been playing Destiny 2 and you’re looking for a way to join the Future War Cult. You’ve gathered with your friends and discussed strategies and gear in the hope of becoming a future warrior. You’ve also been joking about how you’ll get access to some of the faction’s gear outside of the game.

The Future War Cult is a faction of the Last City, and its members are known for their secrecy and military prowess. They’re also concerned about their own fate and believe that war with the Darkness is inevitable. Their Inner Circle is lead by Lakshmi-2, who was the Future War Cult’s representative to the Consensus.

In the game, you can join the Future War Cult by winning Faction Rallies. Faction Rallies are special events that occur every couple of weeks. In order to win these events, you must pledge allegiance to one of the factions. The faction that has the highest number of pledges is the winner.

As a member of the Future War Cult, you will also have easier access to the coveted victory weapon. A single Future War Cult pledge can get them a victory weapon for 1,000 Glimmer, whereas an opposing faction’s member must pay 50,000 Glimmer for it. Glimmer is a currency, and the game cap is 100,000.


If you are looking to join a faction in the new game Faction Destiny 2, there are a few easy steps to follow. First, you will need to visit the Tower. Look for Ikora Rey. Once you have done so, run down the halls until you find an open area. Once there, turn right and head to the end of the Leviathan raid vendor. You will find the New Monarchy there.

The New Monarchy is the current leader of Destiny 2 and their latest update is called “Faction Rally”. This event is now over and you may have noticed that there is a giant flag in the Tower. This is a sign that you have been in the winning faction. After completing the rally, you will be rewarded with an exclusive weapon. The weapon is cheaper for New Monarchy members, but it’s higher price for the other factions.

When choosing your faction, remember to take note of the fashion and color scheme. The New Monarchy’s fashion combines dark blue, orange, and yellow for a retro-futuristic look. The Future War Cult, on the other hand, believes that humanity will end up in an apocalyptic conflict unless it decides to abandon Earth. While the colors are different, the philosophies don’t seem to matter – gear and shaders don’t change.

Before you can join a faction, you’ll need to complete the quest ‘Faction Rallies’. You will find this quest near Arach Jalaal in the Tower bazaar. You can also visit Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult in the tower’s sleek office. Alternatively, you can speak with the Executor Hideo of the New Monarchy in the Tower bazaar.


As a member of the Marauder faction in Faction Destiny 2, you can use your shotgun to strike targets while in stealth mode. The Marauders will also flicker out of stealth when they are stunned or attacking. The shotgun can also make them slightly visible while firing, and you can also equip a shotgun for even more damage. Marauders are a bit similar to the Vandals, who were stealthy units in the original Destiny game. In the original Destiny, the Vandal unit camouflaged itself immediately after it was spawned. Stealthed vandals did not become visible when they fired, and could equip weapons of all ranges.

Marauders can be divided into two types: those who belong to the Wyld, and those who have ties to the Convention. These types will typically stick to themselves, but a great leader can attract marauders to his or her side and cause a migration. Basically, marauders will destroy everything in their path, and you will have to fight them or pay tribute to them. The lucky players may also have the opportunity to hire marauder admirals or mercenaries who will help them in their endeavors.

Marauders are a type of barbarian and Viking factions that can be grouped together. They are fast, but are not a part of PvE. They are frequently used as farming material, and you can find them at a Dig Site and Comms Tower.

Marauders can be played by up to four people. Marauders have high intensity gameplay, with players scrambling to board AI ships and docking zones. They can also board their own ship or those of other players. If a player dies during a raid, all of their collected items are lost.

The Marauder faction is a proud, warlike faction. Members of this faction are devoted to glory and self-improvement, and believe that the best way to grow is through conflict and obstacle-overcoming. The color of their majesty in the New World is green. In contrast, the Syndicate faction is a more scholarly faction, for curious minds and curious explorers.

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