How to Invert Colors on Picture on iPhone


If you’re wondering how to invert colors on picture on iPhone, there are some apps available. The first is Negative Photo Maker, an effective mobile app that allows you to change the colors in your photo. The app has a user-friendly interface and offers many effects. You can even draw on your picture and apply different effects.


If you want to invert colors on your picture on iPhone, you can use PineTools. It’s a versatile online photo editor that will allow you to change the color and brightness of an image. You can also adjust the vibrancy and saturation of the picture. You can process one photo at a time, and you can save the edited photo as PNG, JPEG, or WEBP. PineTools also lets you post the inverted picture straight to Facebook and other social networks.

After downloading the free PineTools application, you can start editing your picture. You’ll be presented with a window that includes a slider that allows you to adjust the intensity of the color. After choosing the level of intensity, you can select the size of the mask to apply the effect. Once the processing is done, simply download the result image.

You can also use a free photo editor, such as PhotoDirector, to invert colors on your picture. You can choose to invert only the colors of an image, or you can invert all colors. PhotoDirector also offers color curve tools, which are helpful for individual inversions.

To invert colors on a picture on iPhone, you must first open the image file. Once you have done that, you can use the Preview app to convert the image. After you’ve done this, you can compare the before and after photos. You can also download and save your inverted picture.

In addition to the photo editor on your iPhone, you can also use the Classic Invert option to change the color of a picture. This feature is only available on the latest iPhone models. This mode is especially useful for those who are color blind or visually impaired. Moreover, inversion can help save battery life by reducing glare on the screen.

Using MS Paint on iPhone: Another way to invert the colors of a picture is to use Microsoft Paint. MS Paint has an integrated option to invert colors. To use it, open the picture using File > Open or Ctrl + O. After that, select the entire image using Ctrl + A.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a photo editing application that allows you to invert the colors of a picture. You can do this with any photo. To invert the colors of your picture, open the photo in Photoshop Express, adjust its saturation level, and then tap the Share or Save button. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have an inverted picture that you can use for a variety of purposes.

First, you’ll need to launch the Camera app on your iPhone. From there, select the Edit menu. In the resulting menu, select the photo. Next, select the Crop icon and then select “Flip Horizontal.” You’ll be able to see the image as a horizontal mirror. You can also use Microsoft Paint to flip the colors on a picture.

After you’ve selected a photo, you’ll want to use the “Invert” effect to invert the colors. This will change all of the colors in the picture, including those that are light and those that are dark. This is an easy way to add a striking effect to a photo with high contrast.

Photoshop Express is the best app for iPhone users to use to invert the colors of a picture. It’s one of the few apps on the App Store that includes an inverting function. With a few taps, this app will invert the colors of a picture. You can invert both embedded images and vector artwork.

You can also invert the colors of a picture in Photoshop using a keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut for this is Command + I on the Mac. Then, select the selection you want to invert from the menu. You can choose from a range of colors, or only a part of the picture. If you need to invert the colors of an image, you can also choose a layer mask.

Once you have selected the subject and background of the picture, you can now choose the inverted color from the color palette. This is a handy tool for inverting the colors of a picture, and you can use it to create a new negative image.


You can invert the colors of a picture on your iPhone with the help of a simple keyboard shortcut or by right-clicking on the picture. This will open the Preview application and you can select a part of the image that you want to invert. On your computer, you can also click the Tools menu and select Adjust Color. To invert the colors, you should drag the white slider to the right and the black slider to the left.

In Lightroom, you can use this tool to invert the colors of one or multiple images. You can also use Photoshop Express if you want to perform an inversion quickly. However, if you want more control over the process, Lightroom is a better choice.

Another way to invert the colors of a picture on an iPhone is to use the Lightroom app. In Lightroom, you can find the picture icon in the bottom right corner. Then, choose the image in the Camera Roll. From the Camera Roll menu, choose the Light tab. Now, click on the Curve option. In the next screen, you should see a Tone Curve. Drag the slider to adjust the degree of inversion.

The third way to invert the colors of a picture on iPhone is to use a third-party application. You can find a free version of Photoshop Express in the app store. Alternatively, you can also download Lightroom, which is an advanced photo editing program made by Adobe Inc.

In Lightroom, you can adjust the contrast ratio and other features of an image. After downloading and installing the app, you should choose the photo you wish to invert and select the tone curve. Once this is done, you can save the inverted picture to your iPhone library and share it with others.

You can also use the negative filter on the iPhone. The negative filter is located in the Photos app, in the Filters tab (on the left of the Edit button). You can also use Classic Invert to invert the colors of a picture. This can help people with low vision or colorblindness see the colors more easily. You can find this option in the Settings menu.


If you’d like to invert the colors of a picture on your iPhone, you can use the VivaVideo app. Its user-friendly interface will make the process simple. It also offers a variety of filters, transitions, effects, and background music. It can also invert the colors of multiple photos at once.

VivaVideo is an excellent mobile video editing app that lets you turn your pictures into movies and edit videos. Its simple interface and powerful editing tools will allow you to invert the colors of any picture quickly and easily. In addition, it comes with filters that will add saturation and excitement to your images. You can also use the app on your computer to create and edit videos.

Inverting colors on an iPhone picture can be a useful feature for anyone with vision problems. It improves contrast in images and text and makes text more readable. The inversion mode is easy to use and makes a big difference. Moreover, inverted colors are much more legible on the iPhone, so a person with low vision or color blindness may find them easier to read.

VivaVideo is a free video editing app available for iOs and Android devices. It does not have desktop capabilities, but it offers the basic functions you need. The app is easy to use and allows you to merge several videos, add transitions, add text, and combine clips together. It also lets you share your videos to your social media accounts.

Besides inverting color in black and white photos, VivaVideo lets you edit photos on iPhone using a range of filters, transition effects, and built-in background music. Download and install the app. After that, you can access the photo gallery and select the appearances tab.

Another good option is using the Negative Photo Maker mobile application. The app offers various effects that you can apply with your finger gestures. It can invert the colors of your iPhone pictures and is easy to use. Just download and install the app from the App Store. Then, choose the negative option and enjoy the effects.

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