How to Add a Second Number to Your iPhone


If you’re wondering how to add a second number to your iPhone, you’re not alone. There are many ways to do it. Phoner is one option, and eSIM is another. Phoner is an app that allows you to have two separate phone numbers on one iPhone.


Adding a second number to your iPhone is easy with eSIM technology. Most carriers offer their own QR code that can be scanned to activate the eSIM chip on your iPhone. Once activated, you can use the app to choose whether you want to use cell service or mobile data.

To set up the eSIM account, you’ll need to have the IMEI2 or EID number of your current carrier. This number can be found below the current carrier’s information. To copy the IMEI2 or EID number, simply hold the field and tap the copy button.

Once the eSIM is installed, you can now use both numbers to receive calls. If you’re using two cellular data plans, you can choose to use either of them. But remember to choose the best plan for your needs. It’s best not to use two plans with high data caps.

To use the dual-SIM feature, you must have an unlocked iPhone. Only an unlocked iPhone allows you to use two different numbers on the same phone. eSIMs also do not work in iPhones that have a physical SIM card slot. To set up eSIM on your iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular, then tap Mobile Data. Then select the eSIM and enter the new plan and name.

The eSIM technology provides the most integrated way to add a second number to your iPhone. Unlike the previous method, eSIM enables voice and data services on your iPhone. Several apps are available to set up an extra number on your iPhone. However, you need a data connection from your Wi-Fi network or your cellular plan to use these apps.


The Burner app offers you a second phone number that you can use to make and receive calls. The number can be wiped off after you have finished using it. This is a handy option if you need to make or receive calls from people you don’t want to keep on your main number. It works for professional or personal calls and integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack. This app also lets you mute and block contacts.

Burner is an excellent choice for those looking for a temporary or disposable number. It lets you make and receive free calls and send text and picture messages from your second number. You can add up to three phone numbers, each with limited talk time and text messages. Burner offers a seven-day free trial, but you can’t use it forever. There are a number of drawbacks to the app, though. You need a cellular phone number to use the app, and the number you create must be in your area code. It also doesn’t work with SMS shortcode services, so you can’t use it to call 911 if you’re in an emergency.

Burner has two different versions. The free version of the app gives you a seven-day sample number, and you can purchase additional phone numbers through in-app purchases or subscriptions. In the U.S. and Canada, Burner works with a prepaid or subscription plan. You can also change your plan at any time.

A second number can be useful if you need more than one line for business and personal use. Having a separate line can give you a sense of independence and peace of mind. In addition, a second phone number will help you achieve better work-life balance.


Line2 is an app that allows you to add a second phone number to your iPhone. This number has its own voicemail and contacts list. It also has advanced call features, including auto-attendants for after-hours calls and call queueing. It also offers robust spam blocking. The app lets you receive and make calls on the same number, which is convenient for small business owners.

Line2 is available as a free app for iPhone users, although subscriptions are required. There is a free trial period and a 99-cent one-time fee for a lifetime subscription. To sign up for the service, simply download the Line2 app on your iPhone and sign up.

Line2 works with AT&T’s 3G network. This means that you can make and receive calls via your iPhone’s network, and the call won’t count against your monthly voice minutes. Moreover, you can also transfer your assigned digits to a toll-free number. The service also has advanced features that will allow you to set up a virtual fax for just $120 a year.

Another feature of this app is its ability to receive calls over Wi-Fi. This means that you can place and receive calls even when the cellular signal is weak. This is a great way to save money on cell phone bills and make calls in areas with poor reception. You can also use Line2 on Mac and Windows computers, and you can download the free Line2 application for these operating systems.


If you want to add a second number to your iPhone, you have many options. One option is through a free service called Phoner. Phoner is an online service that allows you to add an unlimited number. The downside is that there is no free trial. Nonetheless, Phoner offers a ton of benefits.

With Phoner, you can add two phone numbers on your iPhone, while still keeping one SIM card. This will prevent you from wasting precious storage space or being bothered by two SIM cards. In addition, the service works without mobile data, so you can use it even if your phone doesn’t have a cellular signal.

If you have a small business, you might want to have more than one phone number. This will make it easier for you to maintain a professional business look without the need to carry two cell phones. A virtual phone number can be set up in minutes, and you’ll have access to all kinds of great features.

Adding a second line on your iPhone is not difficult. With the right service, it can be as simple as a couple clicks. You can choose to add a toll free phone number with business texts, an interactive voice response auto-attendant menu, and unlimited extensions.

Default Voice Line option

If you have an Apple(r) iPhone and are using a cellular plan, you may wish to change the default mobile number. You can do this by adjusting the Default Voice Line setting. This setting will change the line that receives voice and SMS calls.

After adjusting the Default Voice Line, you can assign additional lines to your contacts. The current line is displayed beneath the name of the contact. It also indicates whether the line is the default or the last used line. To change this, tap the line you would like to use. You can also tap Done to change the default behavior.

If you have a cellular plan, you may also be able to add a second line to your iPhone using an eSIM. This type of SIM will work with any carrier in the United States and many other countries. This makes it easy to add a second number to your iPhone for business or temporary travel.

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