How Much Does a Spotify Premium Plan Cost?


There are many options available to you if you want to purchase a premium version of Spotify. For example, there are several different countries where the service is available. Also, you will have access to curated playlists, parental controls, and high-definition sound quality.

Free vs paid version of Spotify

Spotify, an online music service, allows users to listen to music on their computer, tablet or phone. It is one of the most popular services for streaming music. However, Spotify has two main tiers: a free version and a premium one. Both of them have their own unique features. But which is better?

The free version of Spotify is limited in the number of songs you can listen to, and it does not allow you to download songs for offline listening. However, the Premium version does not have any such restrictions. And it also has a more impressive list of features.

For starters, the Premium version is ad-free, and you can even stream ad-free on your mobile device. Additionally, Spotify has a massive library of podcasts that you can listen to whenever you want. Plus, you can enjoy a 2-week window during which you will get access to exclusive new releases.

The Premium version has more features, including the ability to download songs for offline listening. It also includes a bigger library of podcasts, and a larger collection of exclusive new releases.

But if you’re still not sure whether to choose the Premium or Free version of Spotify, you can try out the Premium version for three months at no cost. After this trial period, you will have to pay $9.99 per month.

On the other hand, the Free version of Spotify is only available to individuals and families. You must be at least eighteen to join. While the free version does not offer ad-free streaming, it does have a large library of music, and you can listen to it on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

High-definition sound quality

Spotify is a popular streaming service that has more than 30 million tracks available. If you’re looking for higher-quality audio, you may be disappointed. Though you can download your favorite songs at 320 kbps (Kilobits per Second), you will not get much of a difference in sound quality.

Even if you’re paying for a Premium account, you won’t get high-definition sound. Streaming services like Amazon Music Unlimited and Tidal offer better audio quality than Spotify. And if you want to enjoy CD-quality sound, you can also download albums from Qobuz or Deezer.

It’s not too late to switch to a premium service. Tidal, for example, will give you a free trial of hi-res audio. The company has licensing agreements with several major record labels. But to experience the true quality of lossless audio, you’ll need to pay for the service.

In May 2016, Apple Music launched a lossless audio feature. Spotify is expected to launch a similar service later this year. However, it’s unclear if Spotify will actually support this level of audio quality.

While you can’t hear a difference between 320 kbps and 96 kbps on your phone, you can enjoy high-quality music on your computer or other device. This will depend on your setup.

You’ll also need a fast network connection to use Spotify’s HiFi feature. Luckily, you can use Spotify Connect to stream the music service over Wi-Fi.

With a HiFi subscription, you’ll get access to a large library of HiFi lossless audio tracks. Those songs will be compressed, but the files are designed to be similar to CDs in terms of audio quality. They will also preserve the artist’s intent.

The downside of the lossless format is that it will use up more data than standard streaming. That’s because there is more digital information, which means more computing power.

Curated playlists

If you are looking to increase your listening audience, then you might want to consider submitting your music to curated playlists on Spotify. These playlists are designed to help artists connect with super-niche audiences.

Creating a Spotify playlist requires a few simple steps. You can create a playlist with your own personal style and preferences. Or, you can search for a curated playlist by genre, mood or activity. The playlist can also be shared by other listeners. However, you must make sure that you’re following the correct procedures to ensure that you’re listed in the right category.

For starters, you need to find the owner of the playlist. This can be done through a simple Google search. Also, you’ll need to fill out a submission form. Be sure to include basic bio information, a song title and a link to your Spotify page.

To get featured on a curated playlist, you need to submit your track to the playlist’s creator. Depending on the specific criteria, they might ask you for additional documents. It’s also a good idea to work with industry contacts if possible.

Before contacting the curator, you should make sure you’ve listened to their playlist. You should also mention the name of the playlist in your outreach message. And don’t forget to thank the curator for their time.

Another great way to get your track on a Spotify playlist is to submit to an indie curated playlist. While they are smaller than algorithmic playlists, they still offer great exposure. Alternatively, you can contact a record label and ask them to run a Spotify playlist for you.

Finally, you can also try getting your track featured on one of the more well-known playlists. RapCaviar is a popular example.

Parental control options

Spotify offers a family plan that provides parents with control over what their children listen to. Parents can customize the family’s playlists, set music restrictions, and block explicit content. They can also manage the family’s account through the Family Hub.

Spotify’s family plan costs $15 per month. It includes Spotify Kids, a child-friendly version of the streaming service. The account is password-protected.

Kids can create their own personalized playlists. Their age range can be customized, and they can choose styles for their interface. For older kids, they can use their own accounts. But teens can easily manipulate the content.

Parents can add or remove family members. They can manage the listening history of each child and adjust spending limits.

The family plan allows up to six people to have one account. This is a convenient way to share music with multiple members. The cost is billed through the family plan subscription.

The plan also offers a Blend feature. This allows you to create a family playlist, which is updated regularly. You can also manage who’s in each session.

To access the Premium Family feature, you must first sign up for a Spotify account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given the option to select “Premium” in the dropdown menu labeled Account Overview.

On the Profile page, you’ll see an option to toggle “Allow explicit content.” If you want to enable this feature, click on it. When a track is marked as explicit, the title will be grayed out. However, if you decide to unblock it, you can do so at any time.

In order to use the Family Mix feature, you will need to have a premium account. You can sign up with a free account, or you can create an account with Facebook.

Available in all countries

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