Corrupted Monk – How to Get to the Corrupted Monk


The Corrupted Monk is an enemy that will spawn phantoms when you kill him. He is located in the middle of the bridge, and you must kill him to banish the phantoms. There are a few ways to get to him.


Defeating the Monk will help you gain an extra boost to Memory attack and swim underwater. However, before you can use the stone, you must first find the Shelter Stone. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a dialogue box asking for Emma. You can then speak to Emma to get an additional boost to your abilities.

Corrupted Monk’s attack deals a massive amount of damage and can be difficult to avoid. Fortunately, there are items you can equip to deal damage and stun him. Items that can stun the Monk include Shinobi Firecracker and Dragon’s Tally Board. After you’ve gotten these items, you can stunlock the Corrupted Monk with them, and then strike him between stunlocks. Continue doing this until the Monk’s health bar or posture is depleted.

While the Corrupted Monk does have some health, he takes minimal posture damage, so he’s relatively easy to defeat. The most effective way to beat the Corrupted Monk is to attack when he’s wide open. While he does have two perilous attacks (thrust and sweep), these can be dodged by doing well-timed aerial deathblows. This will drastically shorten the time it takes to fight this enemy. The Double Ichimonji, a type of spell that deals massive posture damage, is also a good way to deal with the Corrupted Monk.

Speedrunning to get to the Corrupted Monk requires skill and patience. If you want to get a higher score, you can use a Shinobi Firecracker. These items give you a little breathing room, but they won’t kill the Corrupted Monk in the first place.

Red kanji attacks

If you’re planning to defeat the Corrupted Monk, you must know how to deal with his red kanji attacks. These are a special type of attacks that have two different types of effect. The first of these attacks is a sweeping attack. The second attack is a thrust attack, and both of these attacks can be countered by Mikiri Counter. However, it can be difficult to tell which one is stronger and which is weaker, so you’ll have to watch his staff positioning carefully.

Once you’ve mastered the Red kanji attacks, you can use the same strategy to deal with the other bosses. For example, you can try to dodge the red kanji attack by running backwards. You can also use Divine Confetti to deal more damage to the Corrupted Monk.

The second way to deal with the Corrupted Monk’s red kanji attacks is by using a special weapon called Firecracker. This shinobi weapon lets you shoot a stream of gunk that deals Terror damage. You can mitigate this damage by using a Pacifying Agent. Additionally, you can use the Firecracker Prosthetic to get a solid hit on the Corrupted Monk.

The Corrupted Monk can also be defeated by using the Sculptor’s Idol, which is located in the Water Mill. It’s another battle of attrition. The main goal is to damage the Corrupted Monk until she can’t recover Posture and you can use the Deathblow to finish the fight. This move can be very tricky and requires careful planning.

The Corrupted Monk is the best boss in Sekiro, but it can be tricky. There are two Corrupted Monk fights in the game. The first one is after you get the Shelter Stone, and the second one comes when you’re ready to use Divine Confetti. Once you’ve figured out the basics of both, this battle can be fairly easy.


Deflections are your friend when you are fighting the Corrupted Monk. You need to kill him so you can get the Shelter Stone, but he’s not the easiest enemy to kill. He’s a slow moving illusion enemy, so you can’t easily beat him right away. To deal with this, use a snap seed or a firecracker to stun him and quickly end the fight.

The most effective way to defeat the Corrupted Monk is to use her unblockable attack, the upward slash, which deals Terror to the target. Deflections will not affect this attack, but they will prevent it from causing too much damage. If you use a consumable, you’ll have more chances of deflecting it.

While Deflections can help you block the boss’s attacks, you must keep your posture high. The enemy’s posture bar drains after a certain amount of time, and you must keep your posture high to perform the Shinobi Deathblow. You should always hold your block button while an attack chain is occurring. This gives you time to dodge or reposition. In addition, if you double tap your posture bar, you will eliminate the deflection opportunity and become more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Deflections are a valuable tool in combat. They can help you dodge the Corrupted Monk’s attack by avoiding the hitboxes that the monster uses to hit you. Using the Mikiri Counter is an excellent way to get around the big damage from this boss.

The Corrupted Monk cannot be killed with the deathblow at the beginning of the fight, but you can perform a Deathblow on him when he’s on a high tree. This way, you’ll be able to skip the second phase and move on to the third.

Snap Seeds

In the game Corrupted Monk, you can use Snap Seeds to defeat apparitions and other enemies. These items are also important for certain boss fights, such as Lady Butterfly. In this article, I’ll discuss where to farm them and how to use them.

The first place to farm Snap Seeds is during the boss fight with the Lady Butterfly. To do so, you need to sneak past the ice wall and go to the small tent near the Great Serpent. Once you’ve stabbed the snake, you’ll find several seeds. Just look for a glowing item icon to find these.

You can also use Snap Seeds to damage the Corrupted Monk. This will stun the Monk for a short time. Since he only has a single HP Node, this will be helpful in whittling down his health. You can also use a grappling hook to land a vertical Death Blow. Once you’re able to do that, you can easily remove the Corrupted Monk’s health bar.

The next step is to reach the Hidden Forest Idol. This is a large, open area with a tree to grapple to. It’s located outside the cave. To reach the Idol, go to the far left. Then, grapple to the tree on the bottom. On top of the tree, there’s a Snap Seed.

A Snap Seed is extremely useful when fighting phantom enemies and bosses. The use of these seeds is particularly helpful in Mibu Village, where the Corrupted Monk boss resides. It can also be used to kill ghost soldiers in AOE attacks. However, this is an extremely rare resource. To get a large number of Snap Seeds, you’ll need to know where to find them.

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