A Spotify Car Thing For Cars With Small Screens


If you have a car with a small, cramped screen, you may want to consider a Spotify car thing that will allow you to play your music directly from your phone. This is especially convenient if you have an older car and don’t want to deal with clunky and expensive dashboard controls.

Bluetooth remote control

If you’ve been waiting for the Spotify Car Thing, you may have been disappointed. The device was released in limited quantities, and the company didn’t offer any specific details.

It’s a hardware device designed to enhance your Spotify listening experience. You can use the device to control Spotify playback, as well as find new content to add to your queue. But you’ll need a Premium subscription, and you’ll also need a car that can connect to the device.

In addition to enabling voice control, the Car Thing is meant to be used in older cars without Android Auto or other dashboard systems. To use the device, you’ll need to pair it with your phone via Bluetooth and a 12V power outlet.

As you’d expect, the Car Thing is only compatible with Spotify. However, the company has partnered with Amazon to promote Alexa and Nest. And, with the Car Thing, you can take advantage of the Alexa’s voice command feature to trigger Spotify.

For example, you can ask the voice assistant to open your queue and then select a track to play. This can be helpful when you don’t want to touch the phone screen to find new music. Similarly, you can play podcasts and save songs to your playlist.

If you don’t have a Premium subscription, you can still use the Car Thing to manage your playlists. The app will display your music recommendations, artists, and albums. Just make sure to say “Hey Spotify” to get the app to work.

Spotify’s Car Thing has only been available in the US, and the company is currently limited to a certain number of units. Those who receive an invitation will be able to buy the device.

Split-screen options

Android Auto users have a new feature that allows them to play their music in a split screen format. The feature is not available in every version of the platform, but it will make it to wider dashboards. In addition, there is a new widget that will let you control Spotify from your infotainment system.

The new feature is just one of many that Spotify is adding to the Car Thing. Other features include the ability to add songs to a listening queue, as well as answer phone calls in the car. This week, the company has also rolled out some new features for Apple iPhone users. They have also added a night mode for those who want to play music without distraction.

The most interesting feature, however, is the voice controlled option. You can reach your favorite song by saying “Hey, Spotify” as you drive. Apparently, the company is interested in knowing more about how you listen to music in your car. It will also allow you to use presets to control what you hear on the fly.

The company hasn’t yet announced when you’ll get these features, but you’ll be happy to know that they are rolling out. At this point, you’ll have to be in a Premium subscription to be able to use them.

The cool thing about the feature is that it is only available for a limited number of vehicles. For example, it is only compatible with certain head units. Also, while the feature is impressive, it’s not all that useful for those with smaller displays.

Aside from that, the feature isn’t the smartest move. That’s why some users have complained about the forced split mode.

Compatible with iOS devices only

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Inflation drove up component costs

Spotify reacted to the ensuing market volatility by taking a hit on its stock price. The company is currently trading at an incredibly low valuation. In fact, it is so low that its stock is now 55% down from its highs.

One of the reasons why the company has fallen so hard is because of inflation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was up 8.3% in the year leading up to August.

There is a general macroeconomic force driving car prices up. Other factors include specific industries, such as rental cars. Some economists believe that inflation can rob consumers of their spending power. This is because they would need to run out and buy an item before its price went up.

Another reason why inflation is a big deal is that it can affect a consumer’s ability to save. It can lead to higher input costs and leave less money for unimportant purchases.

However, inflation does not have to be a negative. As economist Jordan Weissmann explains, it can actually be a positive, especially if the consumer is able to capture the economics of the music industry value chain.

One of the best examples of this is Spotify’s Car Thing. The device was designed to make it easier for drivers to access their music accounts. Using a combination of voice commands and a touch-enabled screen, users could simply tell the device what songs they wanted to listen to.

But the device was only available in limited quantities, so the company decided to stop making it. Spotify also wrote down its $31 million investment. Ultimately, the company halted production of the car thing because of component price increases.

It’s best suited for older cars with clunky screens

Spotify has been working to make in-car entertainment easier. Now, they’re taking the next step with a hardware device. They’re calling it the Car Thing.

Car Thing is an in-car music player that’s designed to help drivers easily access music from their phones. The system is designed to connect to the car stereo through Bluetooth or USB, and works with voice commands. It also has a large touch screen.

Unlike other car infotainment systems, it’s built for the specific needs of older cars. It also comes with a handy quick-start guide, along with mounting hardware. Besides playing music, you can browse the app’s library and control the music with your car’s buttons.

However, it doesn’t have all the features of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. You’ll also need a Spotify Premium subscription to use the hardware.

Like other car tech, the Car Thing isn’t a cheap product. It costs $80. And it requires a smartphone. But, you can also bring your own music player, and the device can be mounted in your car’s CD slot or air vents.

In addition, it’s possible to play music from your phone’s speakers. Depending on your model, the Car Thing can be controlled via a touchscreen or a knob controller. Some models even come with a CD-player mount.

Spotify’s Car Thing is meant to help you access your music while you’re in the car, and it’s designed to work best with older cars. Nevertheless, it can be used in newer vehicles too. That’s because it has a special mode for night driving.

As of now, Spotify’s in-car solution will only be compatible with a limited number of vehicles. Those with older model cars or without a USB or Bluetooth port should look elsewhere.

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